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Forum posts for Random Thought for Nov. 14/03

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 14, 2003
Based on this post, and a previous one, you seem to have access to some miraculous smithy or words.

Where did you find this treasure? Is it a small or large contraption, and do you think it might easily be replicated? I may be interested in a model, though I might need a few improvements. Is your office equiped with the required skills and tools to recreate said machine with suggested improvements? If so, please give my office a call, and we can get something started.

Posted by Polfuss on Nov 14, 2003
Now I'm not sure if Mike has a machine, if he does I've never seen it. But I think that it has more to do with injesting various substences over the years, and being bored, of course I'm in the same boat and I don't have thoughts like that so mabey he could have a machine.

Who told you
Posted by mike on Nov 14, 2003
Damnit, the secret is out.
Allright Pete, I will share the secret of the machine with you, but only you (that is how the internet works right? Noone else can see this.)

It is the Dribdrabulator XF3600. This is a product for which I hold the patent. Well I should say that I held the patent until I sold it for a less than substantial sum to the Ingrotech corporation.

English is a funny language, you can take just about any words and string them together and it usually makes a little bit of sence, but not much. Give it a try, expand your mind, and if you get stuck just make up some word(s) to fill in the gaps. Because English is so nonsensical in the first place you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.

I changed my mind, the machine should be called the Confabulatrix 2004.

Examples of nonsense:

frigid manhandling superdump.
expediant loafer extract.
supercharged eskimo fanfare.
beekeeper protracting toothbrush.

by the way I have decided that I truly enjoy the phrase from yesterday, gab dabbling. I have assigned it the definition of to talk about stuff in a detached manner.

Oh my
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 14, 2003
Supercharged eskimo fanfare might possibly be one of the best phrases I've seen to date.

Thank you for that.