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Forum posts for Cat Pictures

Posted by mike on Mar 14, 2007
Cat's not being amused. Cat's being in ur stuff. This has made my day.
Thanks Duffy.

all this shit is from 4 chan
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 14, 2007
I urge you not to like it ... same with that crap pete posted earlier...

Their forums are responsible for about 85% of retarded internet memes...
They are also quite vocal about their love of loli anime... if you don't know what that means then you should not investigate...

Stop looking at it.. even though it's funny...

If you do ignore my urgings i suggest you check out the 4chan wikipedia so that you can fully understand the depth of their hilarity/madness.

Other 4chan internet memes include (just google for results):

Raptor Jesus (various pictures of jesus photoshopped to have raptor heads)
I'm A charging my LAZAR! (Dragon Ball Z character in blackface...??)


Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 14, 2007
that should be Imma Chargin Mah Lazer

Check it for a quick look into the minds of 4chan

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 14, 2007
You seem irrationally bothered by pictures of funny cats and walrii caught in weird poses.

The internet is FOR stupid shit like this.

Stop policing my fucking internet.

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 14, 2007
no no.. you misunderstand..

I don't like the people BEHIND IT

Again.. large love of loli anime...


Pedos=not cool

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 14, 2007

Let me give you a really nice example of the type of stuff these forums also produce... like the ongoing saga of the male nurse considering raping his multiple amputee patient (WHO IS 6!!!)

Good times later (when not at work) I will find the examples for ya..

But yeah cats in my account.. sharding my purplez? yeah thats funny

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 14, 2007
I did find the wow reference particularly endearing.

Some of the pictures alone are worth seeing.

Smart dudes
Posted by phduffy on Mar 21, 2007
Solving problems involing 248 dimensional spheres

Posted by phduffy on Mar 21, 2007
Okay, apparently the spheres have 8 dimensions, and the groups have 57, and can be connected 248 possible ways.