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Forum posts for Employee Rights

Posted by cosmicfish on Mar 14, 2007
Hey, I found this, it may prove useful to one of you in the future...

Posted by phduffy on Mar 14, 2007
I think that they have to either let you work there for two weeks, or pay you in lieu for those two weeks. But I'm no expert.

Posted by cosmicfish on Mar 15, 2007
Thanks, that's what I've heard mostly, just wanted to be able to point to something should they try to screw me over.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 15, 2007
How long have you been working there?

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 15, 2007
I talked with my HR person, and she's saying that if you are in fact an employee, not a contractor, and have been working there for over 3 months. You could say that you are giving your 3 weeks notice, and they'd kinda have to pay you for the 3 weeks.

However...they apparently have the option then to just flat out terminate you, in which case, if you are a full time employee, they would owe you severance, which would only be one week.

If you're interested in asking more, she said you could give her a call to ask about it more. Just let me know, and I'll email you the numbers.

Posted by cosmicfish on Mar 18, 2007
So far they haven't tried anything fishy.

My boss went to my supervisor to tell him right after and said, "It's just Laura though." That so nice to hear.