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Forum posts for Advice of the Day: Week of March 26th Edition!

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 26, 2007
I've also rented from:


Both are more expensive than the ones you've posted, but the trucks were also nicer, and didn't leave me thinking it was about to break down any second.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 26, 2007
Okay, good to know.

uHaul charges .69$ a kilometer, so driving to Kitchener and back could get pretty expensive.

Posted by mike on Mar 26, 2007
Is it cheaper to rent the van in kitchener and drop it off in Toronto?
You'd have to factor in the cost of renting a car in Toronto and dropping it off in Kitchener, or taking the bus.

This could get complex... if only we knew someone who is good at math.

I'm just having a hard time with driving all the way from Toronto with an empty truck.

Is it cheaper to rent a cargo van in Toronto and a cargo van in Kitchener, utilize 2 drivers, and leave them both in Toronto?

My opinion
Posted by Katie on Mar 28, 2007
First, doing the one way (renting in Kitchener and dropping in Toronto) is never cheaper. Because the truck belongs to the location, you have to pay a fee to have someone else drive to return it. This is usually around $100 for a rental car, likely the same or more for a truck. It's definitely more cost effective to rent in Kitchener, drive to Toronto, and return it to Kitchener. Mike, if you're helping Paul move, it seems like an easy solution to me, having you drive the truck back to Kitchener.

Second, I recommend Discount. I'm pretty sure they don't charge by kilometre, which in the end saves a lot of money. They also don't seem to jack up their month end prices as much as the others do.

And I agree with Pete, much much nicer trucks. Generally all under 2 or 3 years old, good condition, easy to drive and lots of space.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 28, 2007
Yeah, if I was still planning to do it on the weekend, my plan would have been to rent the truck on Friday and head down to Kitchener. Otherwise I have no way of getting there. And since I probably would have been taking one other person, it'd be cheaper to drive us down in the truck, instead of taking a bus/train and the cabbing to the apartment.

Otherwise I'd have to get to Kitchener, rent a truck, convince Mike to come with me, and have him return the truck without me. Instead of just going to Kitchener and returning the truck myself.

I hadn't realized that these places jack up their end of month prices. I guess that makes sense. Good to know for the future, thanks for the tip.