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Forum posts for Canada's Wonderland this summer?

Posted by fanoom on May 03, 2007
I'm always interested in parting with my hardly earned money for a day of entertainment, possible vomiting, and shooting little kids while playing laser tag.

Posted by jessie on May 03, 2007
i like fun!

Posted by crux on May 03, 2007
I still have nightmares about that place, and to this day I am haunted by the constant screams.

But, ok. I'd go.

Posted by alltogethernow on May 03, 2007
You fools

I can get them for $25

1st trip of the year is May 19th - check it

Otherwise just let me know the day you want to go and I can hook it up for $25 or if you come the same day I do I can get you tickets for free.

When you want to do something in Toronto think about me.. :)

Posted by weberm1 on May 03, 2007
i'll come, it would be fun. and i want to see brandon puke.

so, who's getting the tickets now? or do we wait? i'm confused.

Posted by Nerhael on May 04, 2007
I'd prefer to go later in the summer. July sometime ideally.

Anyone have any blackout days on a saturday in July other than Canada Day weekend?

Posted by fanoom on May 04, 2007
Screw you Trevor, nobody thinks about you! Maybe if you'd shower and put on some deodourant once in awhile we'd think about you.

Dude, July? It's gonna be hot as fuck and packed with little bastards that you'll want to throttle at every turn. I think I can take at least five teenage kids, but the rest are up to you. Schaus, I need you to pick up some brass knuckles...fighting in the sun gets tiring so we gotta make it quick.

Melissa, you can ride with me all day baby, I promise I won't vomit all over you. Honest.

YOu can beat up more than 5....
Posted by pudding on May 06, 2007
Brandon... you might want to ratchet up the # of teenage kids you can beat up based on the following article:

On a side note I would pay at LEAST $25 to see Brandon and/or Schaus fight a small army of stupid teenagers. Trevor... can you organize an event like this????

Posted by pudding on May 06, 2007
Oh ya, I would be interested in Wonderland. I got sidetracked with fighting kids

definitely interested
Posted by Katie on May 07, 2007
Although I would mostly vote for going on a non-weekend when there won't be so many ridiculous kids and families around. Or a weekend that is very soon before it gets totally insane.

Posted by alltogethernow on May 16, 2007
If anyone wants to come this weekend (saturday) to wonderland give me a heads-up. Free tickets to anyone who can help me hustle 150 students on to waiting GO buses.

Let me know.......