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Forum posts for Tattoos

Maybe here?
Posted by weberm1 on May 25, 2007
Well, I have never been tattooed here, but have been to Way Cool uptown in toronto numerous times to be pierced. i always liked the vibe of the place, and they have a pretty good website with examples of their work and the schedule of who is there on what day.

Plus, they won the eye weekly readers choice award in 2006 for the best place to get a tattoo. so, that has to be good, yes?

hopefully that helped, but i have no idea what city you even want to get this done in.

Posted by Katie on May 25, 2007
At first I thought it was Pete writing that post and I was quite worried. You know, chances are that your arm would dislocate from the pain of the tattoo or something!!

Go for the small guys
Posted by alltogethernow on May 25, 2007
Exotics at Church and Gerrard is great. I have sent tonnes of people there and our friend Sarah knows the owner.

pain free
Posted by Mona on May 25, 2007
I've heard of the perfect place. It is the ONLY place Guaranteed to be PAIN FREE.
It's in Australia. IM me for specifics. ;-)

Posted by Miguel on May 25, 2007
How can a tattoo be pain free unless its temporary?

I am very sceptical of any place that claims to be pain free.

Really this place is good serious...
Posted by alltogethernow on May 25, 2007

Check it out... there is the location. The people are professional and have serious skills. My tattoo is great and I know Sarah just got a new one recently and it's beautiful.

I am not sure who to ask for specifically, and they are usually pretty busy because they are right beside Ryerson University, but check them out.

Also I spelled the name wrong above the name is really spelled Exotix Tattoos.