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Forum posts for Look what you've done!

Posted by weberm1 on Jun 13, 2007
we still have celebrity snatch right? because it would be a shame if we lost celebrity snatch.

celebrity snatch!!

Top 10 Search Phrases
Posted by Nerhael on Jun 13, 2007

britney s snatch2511.7 %
britney snatch136.1 %
britneys snatch83.7 %
lindsey lohan snatch73.2 %
celebrity snatch73.2 %
lohan snatch62.8 %
allison stokes pole vault52.3 %
alison stokes pole vault52.3 %
linsey lohan snatch41.8 %
you touch my tralala31.4 %

Posted by Miguel on Jun 13, 2007
This makes me so happy. It also makes me the world's leading authority on the mysterious origins of Groundhog Day.

It's all thanks to that wonderful textbook - Barbaric First Nations RItuals: How They Offend Modern Sensibilities

oh my
Posted by weberm1 on Jun 14, 2007
you touch my tralala?!

hahahaaaa. god, i'm almost crying i'm laughing so hard. where did that come from?

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 14, 2007
Yeah...I have no clue. I just tried to find the post that would involve that, but can find nothing.

Also, number 11 search term = "vivian hui" as of today, with linsey lohan snatch beating out "you touch my tralala".

So work hard Vivian, and you can supplant "linsey lohan snatch" on the list!

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 14, 2007
Oh, and yes, by far the single most popular search term bringing people to the wolfshack is the word "snatch". It's popularity over double the next term.

Posted by Numinous on Jun 14, 2007
thats the lords work people, nicely done.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 14, 2007
Would it be wrong of me to try to capitalize on that with porn side ads? :)

Posted by Miguel on Jun 14, 2007
The you touch my tralala post was done by you, it was that weird music video with the moustachiod dude going "you touched my ding ding dong"

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 14, 2007
Oh. Interesting.

I guess I just don't see how a websearch found that when those words never show up on the site anywhere.

Seems odd we'd be indexed that way.

Posted by weberm1 on Jun 14, 2007
you guys are killing me at work. my neighbour just asked if i'm ok because i'm giggling so hard.