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Forum posts for Hard Criticism of Star Wars

Posted by cosmicfish on Jun 27, 2007
I love Star Wars but I would pick Arthur C. Clarke or Stanislaw Lem over George Lucas any day.

Not science fiction: Has anyone read A Game of Thrones or the rest of the Fire and Ice series?

Posted by Miguel on Jun 28, 2007

I think pretty much every guy on here has read at least the first 3 books of that series, and considers it the best fantasy series in the market right now.

A lot of people were a bit disappointed with the 4th book, but I still believe in him....he just needs to be focused and not get all Robert Jordan on the series, expanding the books untill you are reading 70 pages detailing how Cersei's maid thinks the blacksmiths boy is dreamy, and how he might have stolen a glimpse of her ankles.

Posted by fanoom on Jun 28, 2007
Miguel wrote:
detailing how Cersei's maid thinks the blacksmiths boy is dreamy, and how he might have stolen a glimpse of her ankles.

He did? Oh he's in for it!

The only reason why the fourth book sucked so much ass was cause all the cool Stark kids weren't in it. Which will likely mean the 5th book will kick too much ass and cause us all to go blind while reading it. I'm concerned for your safety in this matter and suggest that none of you buy this book when it comes out. Cause you need your eyes for things and stuff....

Posted by bryan on Jun 28, 2007
Ankles are the new breasts!

George Lucas=talentless hack.

I disagree with Scalzi though... it doesn't matter what someone's artistic vision is: if something is entertaining, then it is entertainment.

I present the following thought experiment:

Let's say I film myself shitting on your door step, then call it a magical allegory about a young man's haunting journey down the path of darkness.

Is my film a magical allegory, or is it just a disgusting testament to my ridiculously huge ego? Does any of this lessen it's value as a "marital aid" to a couple with a mutual poop fetish?


Posted by bryan on Jun 28, 2007
I still haven't read the 4th book... I'm done with serialized fantasy novels.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 28, 2007
I would agree that Episodes 1, 2, and 3 were not really all that entertaining though.

And I totally felt the whole, compulsion to see them all just to get it over with, but it was probably one of the few times in left where watching movies felt like a chore.

Youtube debut??
Posted by pudding on Jun 29, 2007

I look forward to your Youtube film debut with a mix of horror, fear and respect. In the sequel you can light it on fire.

Ok I don't know why i wrote that. Forgive me?

Posted by bryan on Jun 29, 2007
In the third sequel I can pour a dumptruck full of raw sewage into George Lucas' pool.

Where would we be without the magic of the internet to keep us producing low quality home video rants and endless pages of scatalogical movie reviews...

Posted by phduffy on Jul 05, 2007

The Fire and Ice series is tremendous, although I didn't read the last book, as I've got a policy of not reading any of these long series until they're finished. (I recently mentioned that I liked Greg Keyes new series. However, it is also not finished. I thought it was 3 books, it's actually 4...)

The newest big series is something called The KingKiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. The first book is called The Name of the Wind (or something like that)

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 05, 2007
On a book related note... I finished Use of Weapons.

I really didn't like the ending. Namely because the 'surprise' didn't really feel all that relevant to anything honestly. So it was something of an "OMG!" moment followed immediately by a, "Wait what? Meh."

The book was pretty gripping up until the last 50 pages or so. I read the first part of the book over a few days, then took me 3 weeks or so to finish off those last 50 pages.

Posted by phduffy on Jul 05, 2007
Fair enough.

It's my favourite of his novels though. I really like the way he uses the structure to tell the story (which Alastair Reynolds admittedly stole for Chasm City). Also, virtually every (if not all) of the scenes in the novel have the object that is used during the reveal. It features prominently all the time.

I also really like re-reading the scene that takes place during his childhood, with his brother and sisters. i love how Banks plays with the structure there (which I didn't realize until I'd finished the novel).

Finally, there are people on wikipedia who think that the prologue at the end of the novel is Banks setting up a different novel. I am upset with those people.