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Forum posts for This Saturday

Posted by phduffy on Aug 29, 2007
Sarah and i will be in town. We were thinking about going to the racetrack on Saturday night.

We're golfing Friday, but we might be up for something on Saturday as well. Depends on where, how we feel, etc.

Posted by Numinous on Aug 29, 2007
I'm stuck in the city.... but I will be home the weekend after.... for wedding number...... 4 I think

Posted by fanoom on Aug 29, 2007
What? Not sure if you want to go on the next leg of the bruce trail Duffy?
Well, I'll likely be trashed by the time the races start so I may join you.

Jesus man, that's alot of weddings....I know that one of them was a free bar, I hope the rest of them were too

Posted by mike on Aug 29, 2007
I'm coming up. I'm definitely in for golfing... although I probably shouldn't be allowed to drive the cart.
I'm down with hiking as well, but I think September would be better.
I went for a 4 hour tour on Suday and discovered a part of Kitchener I didn't know existed.

Posted by pudding on Aug 29, 2007
I will be coming home too.

Paul: how/when are you and Sarah getting to Hanover and then when/how are you coming back to Toronto? Can we combine forces somehow?

I don't feel like any long hikes, but some relaxing drinking would be perfect.

Posted by Katie on Aug 29, 2007
I haven't been to Hanover for AGES and would love to be there this weekend. If so, I would totally be in for the hike.

Alas, I am visiting my friend in Hilton Head and will be spending the weekend on the beach, swimming with dolphins and fishing.

But I'm curious to know what this alternate September weekend is. Is there more information? Or is it that just a thought that ppl might be together in September?

Posted by phduffy on Aug 29, 2007

I'm heading to Hanover tonight, and plan on taking the bus back to Toronto on Sunday, unless anyone has any better ideas.

Posted by pudding on Aug 29, 2007
Paul: I think I would be coming back Sunday too (and the bus may be my only option)... if only we could rent a car for one day

My sister may be getting a ride to Toronto on Sunday (she is going back to univ) so if that is happening I'll let you know.

Mike: When are you going back? What are the chances of getting a ride back ht rest of the way if i take a bus to kitchener?

James: what are your plans?

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 30, 2007
You guys want some company at the racetrack?

Posted by jessie on Aug 30, 2007
my parents are coming to toronto on sunday, so maybe a ride with them can be arranged for anyone interested.

warning: my mom likes to talk.

Posted by fanoom on Aug 30, 2007
Okay, we're going golfing on saturday now due to lack of interest/last minuteness of a hike. I'll reserve two tee off times likely at whisper hills just incase we have more than four people wanting to go (only three for sure so far).

Alternate dates for a Bruce Trail hike. I'm open for pretty much the entire month of september, as is my brother-in-law and his friend who are the ones that really want to go. Ummm yeah, except the weekend of september 22/23. september is wide open for me. I'm not sure when the chumps are heading to Japan...

But yeah, a hike will be happening once people can suggest an alternative date that works out for everyone. It would entail hiking from the grotto in cypress lake (KM marker 151) to a side trail at LIttle dump road (KM marker 146). This is supposed to be the hardest section of trail and some of the most scenic views.

The later we wait, the more the leaves will change, and the more beautiful it will be....and possibly the hungrier the bears will be.

This weekend.....
Friday night.......drinking at my place?
Saturday mid morning/early afternoon....Golfing and drinking...
Saturday night......race track then some more drinking....probably my place again.....
Sunday I have family things to do....
Sunday Night....DRIVE IN all nighter......Superbad, Bourne Supremecy, Hotrod, and Live Free or Die Hard.
Monday....actual rest

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 30, 2007
Japan is September 15th to September 29th.

I would do a Hike in late October for sure? I may be going to Amsterdam one the weekend that's not Thanksgiving in early October.

Posted by fanoom on Aug 30, 2007
Amsterdam? Now that would be a very fine trip indeed. Well, weather begins to play a factor the later we leave it. I don't think anyone wants to go hiking along the escarpment with snow and slush flying, there's always at least one fatality up there every year because of crappy conditions. Personally, I do not want to fall off a cliff.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 30, 2007

Jessie, tell me more about your mother's car?

Pudding, FYI, you can't take the bus on Sunday, it doesn't run.

Posted by jessie on Aug 30, 2007
Hrmm, well it isn't really a car, I like to think of it as a space station.

It has automated doors and a DVD player. It beeps when you are going to run over a small child or dog. I really got too used to that feature.

They are leaving morning - ish on Sunday to come pick up my baby brother from my apartment, after his weekend of debauchery in Toronto.

Posted by jessie on Aug 30, 2007
update: they are leaving early afternoon and are ready and willing to give rides.

Posted by pudding on Aug 30, 2007

Do you have room in the van for another person... male, 5'7, 155lbs, willing to handle confined spaces and/or stress positions for ~2.5 hours???


Posted by phduffy on Aug 30, 2007
HOw do I go about getting a ride in this van?

Posted by jessie on Aug 30, 2007
i will find out a meeting time/place, duffy your house would probably work because i think they know where it is. i will keep you posted! yahoo, helping people out!

Posted by phduffy on Aug 30, 2007

FYI, Sarah's going back with me.

Posted by fanoom on Aug 31, 2007
Mike, tee off time is 11am on saturday, we will be meeting at Bill and Marylee's place and walking over to Whispering Hills.

Posted by jessie on Aug 31, 2007
okay, my parents are leaving at 1pm, and will make a stop at the duffy's for people! my mom said she would call and stuff, but if she doesn't we are the only barans in the phone book. they have lots of room, no worries.

Posted by phduffy on Sep 01, 2007
So should I call your mom tonight?