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Forum posts for question

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 21, 2007
An engagement party is really just what it says, an opportunity to celebrate with close family/friends that you're getting married. It's used I think as a way of telling people that 'Hey, I'm getting married, come to my engagement party.".

As to a gift, I don't think that's expected for these.

Posted by weberm1 on Nov 21, 2007
why would you be invited to the engagement party and not the wedding? that to me seems a little strange.

and i say no to a gift as well. if you show up and everyone else has one, use my classic 'i'm an ass and forgot your gift at home' trick.

Note: if i have used this for any people reading this post, i really did forget your gift that time. it will not happen agian.

Posted by Katie on Nov 21, 2007
ya, I have had to deal with the engagement party thing. My guess is that some people will take gifts, but they're not required. I think a card is sufficient.

Just be happy - my cousin held an engagement party at a restaurant, with a set meal, that everyone had to pay for themselves. PLUS people brought gifts. Insane!

I checked not too long ago with a friend who got engaged, and while she was having a party she didn't expect gifts. And she's from your area. So that should tell you something.

enggement party
Posted by Mona on Nov 21, 2007
Thanks for the responses. I dont know that I'm not invited to the wedding, that's just a guess. So, no gift then. Thanks ! (It's the parents of the bride throwing the party btw.)

Posted by Palmer on Nov 22, 2007
People throwing these parties would save a lot of hassle if they just call it what it is.

A bender where we'll tell you that our son/daugther is getting married. Hooah.