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Forum posts for New Years

oh yeah
Posted by weberm1 on Nov 23, 2007
my liver can handle it. the question is, can devin's? he has never attended the notorious new year's party and we need to break him in. brandon, if you want to get drunk and grope someone that isn't iain, i suggest him. tell him that's how shit is in hanover. yeah!

so, obviously, i'm in. as is devin. and we won't be getting there until the sunday before, as i'll be working the week of christmas, like a chump.

soooooo excited though! i missed new years last year so i need to make up for lost time. krys can rub my back too!

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 23, 2007
Wait....I thought Devin was there...2 years ago? Wasn't he? Or was that some other holiday weekend?

Posted by Numinous on Nov 23, 2007
I have no idea when I will be getting home this year... I cant have the week off so... and its not a good idea to fight for hours off at work right now so I will have to see....

Posted by fanoom on Nov 23, 2007
If Devin wants the full Hanover xmas/new years experience he MUST show up for our road hockey game.

But seriously, suggestions.... GO!

Posted by mike on Nov 26, 2007
I am off from Dec 22nd to Jan 2nd.

If there is enough snow not only do I want to do the usual downhill skiing I want to remove the hill and use my snowmobile. This was pretty fun when I did it last year, but I am not sure who besides Brandon has the appropriate skills to not get destroyed.

We should definitely go toboganning... I'm in.

I don't have enough hair for a mullet this year, so I might have to go with a mustache... we'll see.

I don't have any really practical suggestions othere than I support the idea of a hottub... and dressing up. We could put on fancy suits and act like pompous assholes... and then horribly drunk pompous assholes. I am sure that dry cleaners love a challenge.

Also let me know if there is ice around and I'll bring my skates.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 26, 2007
I used to do a lot of snowmobiling as a kid. I would be so game to do it again if the opportunity is there.

Posted by fanoom on Nov 26, 2007
While the idea of being dragged behind a snowmobile on either a GT or ski's does seem like a cheap thrill to me. I am a little scared of someone who "used to" drive snowmobiles driving me around a field that he's unfamiliar with scares me just a little. And I really don't want to piss my pants because I'm being sling shotted into the pond.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 26, 2007
Oh yeah, I'm not game for this unless there is someone leading and blazing a trail for me to follow.

I was wrapped around a tree once being towed on a GT and the guy kept trying to go slowly. I'd probably be missing a limb if he had really been gunning it.