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Forum posts for Rides to and From Toronto over the holidays

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 12, 2007
I will be going to Hanover on either the 26th or the 27th, and depending on rides, could stop in Toronto to pick up people.

I will be coming back to Toronto on the 1st, and so far, only Seth has spoken to me about a potential ride there, and I gathered a for sure ride back.

Posted by Numinous on Dec 12, 2007
I could use a ride back on the 1st if you gots the room pete... as for the 26 or 27... i'm not sure i can get out of work that early.

Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 12, 2007
I am looking for a ride for the 23rd or 24th... Basically before Christmas.. though the bus is always an option...

I am still not sure about exactly when I will be leaving hanover as I have two weeks off...

Posted by crux on Dec 13, 2007
I haven't actually asked her yet, but it's likely Mari will be joining us for New Years and would therefore need a ride back on the 1st as well. Pete, I'm looking at you..

Has the date of the road hockey game been determined yet...?

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 13, 2007
Okay, ride back then for Seth, Schaus, and Mari. Will hold it at that till I find out I have room for a fifth.

Posted by fanoom on Dec 13, 2007
How can we determine a road hockey date when you bastards don't tell me jack shit? My guess is the December 30th (sunday).

Also, on the 27th or 28th Bill and I are thinking about going skiing, so if any of you want to go boarding or skiing, you may want to bring some outside clothes. If there is enough noobs coming I may be talked into destroying myself on a snowboard again.

i can give rides!
Posted by jessie on Dec 13, 2007
i will be going the 21 or 22 or something and coming back after christmas sometime before new years. i am pretty flexible.

Posted by jessie on Dec 13, 2007
also, rides with jessie are full of baked-goods and tape-deck fun!

Posted by Numinous on Dec 13, 2007
jesse I might take you up on a ride back after christmas.... I'm still not sure what my time line is like so I might not be able to.... once i get the days hammered out I will let you know.

Posted by weberm1 on Dec 14, 2007
i'm not leaving Toronto for home until the afternoon of the 24th, so i'm no good for people to get home. (thanks work for making me work that half day!) i'm leaving Mildmay on the 26th to go to Pickering, but can stop by a subway station if anyone wants to come back.

i'm not really sure when i'm coming back for new year's, seeing as my sister in law is having a baby on the 28th. i haven't decided if i'll come for that or wait until the 30th as originally planned. and i'm coming back to toronto on the 1st, if people need a lift.

Brandon, the 30th sounds good for hockey. I think Devin would probably play, and he would be around that afternoon!

Posted by phduffy on Dec 15, 2007
Melissa, if you don't go back till the 30th, let me know. Sarah might want to catch a ride.

Either way, you should have spots coming back on the first, right?

Posted by phduffy on Dec 22, 2007
So Melissa, how many people do you have going back on the 1st?