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Forum posts for Ride to the Bruce

Posted by Palmer on May 09, 2008
Maybe the Wolfshack should have a slogan - "Bruce County's Official Ride Board"

Posted by fanoom on May 09, 2008
I totally know where Paisley is, my uncle owns the tim-br mart there....but unfortunately I live in Hanover so....... NO RIDE FOR YOU!

Posted by Nerhael on May 09, 2008
Duffy is going home this weekend I think, but I have no clue how he's getting there.

Posted by fanoom on May 09, 2008
I heard he has a sign that he hitches with.... "Will give head for a ride"

Posted by Miguel on May 09, 2008
You might want to take him up on that offer, I hear he gives great head

Posted by Palmer on May 09, 2008
I read the same thing in a stall in a truck stop along the 401 near Kingston. Duffy gets around.

Posted by jessie on May 13, 2008
if you would prefer a less adventurous ride, i am going home both this weekend and next, i can take you as far as hanover...i leave saturday afternoon though, and come back monday...

though the duffy ride is super tempting....