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Forum posts for Oh M. Night

Posted by fanoom on Jun 17, 2008
I don't know about you guys, but I actually want to watch the happening now... It sounds just about craptacular enough for me to shell out the $5 rental fee

Posted by cosmicfish on Jun 18, 2008
the guy that wrote the article said Signs was good?

Posted by Miguel on Jun 18, 2008
I actually didnt mind Sixth Sense, The Village and Unbreakable....fell asleep during Signs but that's about par for the course with me.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 18, 2008
Sign's rates as one of, if not 'the', most stupid movie that really had no excuse for it being that stupid.

I think it's the only movie I've ever watched where a plot turn made me so angry. can make some pretty stupid movie assumptions etc, but Sign's ending was just....baffling in it's idiocy.

Posted by Katie on Jun 18, 2008
I kinda liked Signs. Ya it was a lame trick ending, but the movie kept me in suspense the whole way through, I was scared, I jumped when I was supposed to. I thought in general it succeeded. Maybe I'm just scared of tall gangly green guys though.

I also liked Sixth Sense. The Village was a bit too predictable but not terrible.

I think M. Night started out strong and has only been declining from there. I think he should probably stick to directing and stop writing.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 18, 2008
I think liking Sign's along the way was why I was so upset at the end. It just totally ruined the entire movie to me. Bleh.

I still haven't seen any of his movies since it actually.