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Forum posts for Legend of the Seeker

Posted by phduffy on Sep 15, 2008

If they manage to take out all the political stuff, this could be good in an ass kicking kind of way.

Posted by bryan on Sep 15, 2008
I wonder how they will handle the intense BDSM?

Posted by phduffy on Sep 15, 2008

Hm, good point.

Posted by Miguel on Sep 16, 2008
Reading a Terry Goodkind book makes me physically sick these days.

Never mind the endless ass tonguing of Ayn Rand and neo conservatism. Ignore the epic amounts of rape and misogyny. Dismiss the blatant plagiarism of Robert Jordan if you must.

All those things aside, Terry Goodkind remains a terrible writer. We're talking a Harlequin novel level scribe who unfortunately chose to write fantasy.

Or basically the fantasy version of this dude:

A television version of shit is still shit. I really want to see Goodkind's amazing writing, witty dialogue and well rounded characters acted out by d-level small screen thespians.

Posted by Miguel on Sep 16, 2008
The below isnt from me, but I wish it was:

WoT and SoT are so exactly the same thing, but for whatever reason I get the impression that most of what they share was taken by Goodkind from Jordan.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Wheel of Time is an epic story about a war between nations, evil's quest to escape from the prison the Creator sealed it in, and the slow corruption, restoration, and perhaps eventual death of magic itself. The protagonist is a young man whose mother died when he was young and was raised in a backwoods by a loving man, never knowing that they weren't truly father and son. He discovers that he was born with latent but immensely powerful magic ability that he never suspected and would rather be without. He is told that he is prophesied in ancient texts to be the one to lead the world in the Final Battle. When an enormous army from a far off land invades his home, he is forced to conquer the nations of the world in order to unite them against the coming invaders. He finds himself manipulated by an ancient order of female magic-using Sisters, who turn out to unknowingly harbor a secret segment of their sisterhood dedicated to the release of evil from the prison the Creator put it in. Members of the Sisterhood, both good ones and bad ones, begin being captured by the invading army, which has a method of enslaving them and using their powers to fuel their war machine. Our hero must struggle to master his magical ability - which early on makes him a master swordsman but takes more time to yield more obvious magical talents - while fulfilling the many prophecies about his coming, defending his new Empire from the seemingly unstoppable invaders, and preparing for the battle that will determine whether everyone living will be engulfed by the evil of the underworld.

Sword of Truth is exactly, to the last detail what I just described, except the entire second half of the series is also about Randian Objectivism in exactly the same way Atlas Shrugged was about Objectivism. The other major difference is that in every single book of SoT, the protagonist is forcibly separated from his wife and spends the entire book clawing his way back to her and sort of accidentally saving the world at the same time, whereas in WoT the main character (whose name is Rand - I know that might be confusing) has several wives he's separated from on a regular basis, but he's happy to go about preparing for the final battle without risking everything to track them all down. Other than that, they're exactly the same thing.

It's true that Goodkind has more rape, but it bears noting that just about every female villain in Jordan's series also ends up stripped naked and in some form of lowly slavery. It almost seems artificial that their various captors all have some sort of taboo about sexually exploiting slaves. But he may have been trying to save the series for a younger audience.

Actually, I take it all back. Goodkind has dozens of minor characters get raped repeatedly along with a few major ones, and most likely hundreds of thousands of background women caught in the war. Just not generally, you will notice, the sympathetic characters. They just almost get raped.

Posted by fanoom on Sep 16, 2008
hahahahaha, while I agree that everything post temple of the winds is complete crap, I really enjoyed the first three novels and by the looks of the preview and the episode guide season one will only be about the first book, but until the series comes out will we realize the true crap that may be unleased on us...

As far as the WoT series goes I never wasted my time on that series, I already had my time wraped up with the SoT series