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Forum posts for Legen of the Seeker

Posted by phduffy on Nov 27, 2008

The rest of the books contaminate the rest of the books. I'm sure that the TV show is crappy, but given that the later books are right wing randian masturbatory texts, I wouldn't worry about them being ruined. (Also, Goodkind doesn't write fantasy. I know it might seem like it's fantasy when you read it, but it's not. Just ask him.)

I'm actually surprised that he was able to finish his series before Robert Jordan - where did he get his ideas once he'd gone ahead of Jordan?

Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 27, 2008
Is it worth reading the Jordan books? Or do you just get really frustrated that there is no last one? Should I bother with them?

Posted by phduffy on Nov 27, 2008

I thought that the first 6 were great, and then all action stopped in the 7th books. Allegedly it picks up again in the (9th? 10th?) book, and then immediately stops again in the book after that. So I'd wait at least until the final book comes out so you can get an idea of whether or not the series has a conclusion, if the last book makes sense, etc.

Posted by fanoom on Nov 27, 2008
First off

"Leged of the Seeker"
I've watched four episodes of this thus far... Typical acting expected in a Xena/Hercules type of episodic series, production value is about the same.

Storyline: While it closely resembles "Wizards First Rule", it is not the book or the story in it's true sense. Their way of introducing things has changed for some obvious reasons.... The fact that you'd have 5 mins of new content to 55 minutes of flashbacks which isn't plausable for television. While the introduction of the book of counted shadows (which is central in the whole sword of truth series) seems like it was just a second thought after writing the episode, I can understand why it was done like that...

So overall, I'd say it's a fun little show that takes place in the Sword of Truth universe with a somewhat parallel storyline to Wizards first rule.

The Sword of Truth series...
The whole storyline get frustrating and repeditive after the fourth book. To the point where you may or may not want to continue the story... Pillars of creation you could almost skip altogether because it has nothing to do with Richard. The last book was good up until the epilogue, which actually made me angry....actually that might have been the last chapter too...

so in conclusion, give the tv show a shot, and lets face it, if you like star trek this can't be much worse then that. sorry...if you like DS9 it definately isn't worse then that

Posted by Miguel on Nov 27, 2008

Here are some authors that are about 600 trillion times better than Jordan & Goodkind combined times 432 %

1. George R.R Martin (DOYE)

2. Glen Cook

3. Brandon Sanderson

4. K.J Parker

5. China Mielleville

6. Ian M. Banks (more sci-fi but whatevs)

7. Joe Abercrombie

8. Scott Lynch (DOYE)

9. Steven Erikson

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 27, 2008
Wtf does (DOYE) mean?

I would still recommend Jordan personally. Lots of people get all upset about the last few books, but even if you only read the first 3, I'd say you'd have thoroughly enjoyed yourself if you never read any further.

He was a great writer that created a hell of a world. In the later books, he gets bogged down with way too many characters each in their own little plot line, and covered each of them in the book, so it got tedious. I still enjoyed it personally. Different strokes for different folks and all that, for instance, I could easy have the time back I spent reading the first Mielleville book, Perdido Street Station. I will say that I really enjoyed a newer one of his, "The Scar" though 10 times more.

Iain M. Banks is only sci-fi no? Not sure he dips into anything that would remotely be called fantasy.

Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 28, 2008
Thanks for all the replies.

I have read the George R.R. Martin books and picked up the Goodkind books for something to read until the last book Martin one comes out. I will check out some of the other books though.

And Enterprise was way worse than DS9. At least the second Dax was hot, and Warf was in it.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 28, 2008

Iain M Banks - Matter has an almost fantasy setting, and I think there's one or two of his Iain Bnaks books which might be called urban fantasy or such, but that's stretching it, he's sf.

Patrick Rothfuss's Name of the Wind is apparently excellent.

And DS9 is the best Star Trek.

Greg Keyes is another author worth reading, he latest series is Martinesque.

Posted by crux on Nov 28, 2008
Enterprise was fucking awesome. I loved that show like I've seldom loved another show. Though possibly that was mostly fueled by love for Quantum Leap and my childhood wish that Scott Bakula/Sam Beckett was my father. Him or MacGuyver.

I also loved Miéville's Perdido Street Station on the first and second read even after Trevor read it and pointed out how utterly ridiculous some concepts were. By the way, that wasn't his first book. His first book was King Rat which I also enjoyed. It had a very similar feel to Neil Gaiman's novels.

The Scar was fucking awesome...the second time I read it. The first time I got halfway through and gave up for a year. I don't even really remember what my problem with it was. It has pirates. It has steam powered cyborgs.

Which leads me to Miéville's The Iron Council which I gave up on a year and a half ago and haven't bothered trying to read again. (This is actually the only book I've ever stopped reading and not gone back to finish.) At least a third of the way into the book nothing had really happened yet except approximately 200 references to the main character being gay and in love with his mentor. I have no problem with homosexuality in general or homosexual lead characters in the books that I read, but I don't need ever chapter to contain a two page "Psssst. Don't forget; dude is totally gay for that other dude!".

Right now I'm reading Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds. Who owns this book and left it in my apartment? Anyway, it's an enjoyable sci-fi read so far. Kind of Iain M. Banks meets a little bit of Vernor Vinge.

And that's my rant. I have nothing to contribute to the original fantasy related discussion because I still hold strongly to my belief that fantasy blows with the exceptions of The Lies of Locke Lamora & Red Seas Under Red Skies.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 28, 2008

I don't understand how on the one hand you're saying that fantasy blows, and on the other hand you're saying that you liked Perdido Street Station and The Scar.

I don't remember that about the Iron Council, but would agree that it's a weak follow up to The Scar.

Chasm City is balls.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 28, 2008

Oh yeah, i'm not convinced that Martin's ever going to finish his series.

Posted by crux on Nov 28, 2008
Chasm City is balls in what way? I actually don't really know what "balls" means in that context.

When I say 'fantasy' I mean dragons and broad swords, knights in armor, castle sieges, and so on and so forth. I'm sure there are good books out there of that variety, but they don't really appeal to me.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 28, 2008

Balls in the good kind of way. It's excellent. Reynolds does Banks.

And I knew what you meant, I just wanted to say you were wrong and call you a hypocrite. This is the interweb damnit!

Perdido Street Station
Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 01, 2008
This is all I can think about when this book is mentioned.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Enough said...

I think this is pretty accurate.. though I can't remember if it was flames that the dog shot .. or was it acid clouds... hrm...

I actually read the whole book and overall didn't mind it... I just felt that instead of using some fantasy standards Mr. Mieville felt that he had to be XTREME-ly different and kinda lost his way.

About Terry Goodkind - Fuck him
About Robert Jordan - First 3 books are good.. after that meh (I read to 7 I think)
About Legend of the Seeker - How many rapes will they have on television? It would have to be at LEAST one a season .. sometimes 3 or 4 an episode if they get into the later novels.