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Forum posts for Kitten names

Posted by fanoom on Jan 20, 2009
Meowth, Furball, Allergyattack, Pussy, Kid, Freeloader, Belezabub, Satan, Devil....

Definately should be something evil... Look at those eyes, that cat wants to bite you in the middle of the night then lick your bloody wound for the rest of the night, while purring softly into your ear. Only for you to wake up a bloody mess with a chocolate starfish in your face. It's not too late to get rid of the thing you know... I still have scars from my parents cat

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 20, 2009
yeah, if i ever get a cat, or dog really, the name will be freeloader. that's amazing.

simon. just because i like that name and devin will never let me name a baby that. because he is, clearly, a jerk.

or sexual chocolate. really, i could go either way.

Posted by Aaron on Jan 20, 2009

Posted by fanoom on Jan 20, 2009
Get that cat a robe, staff, and pipe, we have a winner!!!

Damn cat keeps smoking in the apartment...

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 20, 2009
My god...that actually created quite an image for me.

Posted by mike on Jan 21, 2009
Bygul (bee-gool) & Trjegul (tree-gool) are the names of the cats that pulled Freya's chariot in norse mythology. Apparently after christianity took over Freya was remodelled into an witch or something and cats (especially black ones) were evil. This required at least 2 minutes of research to find out.

You could also go with Sir Scratchington von Purrsalot IV... or something to that effect. Lord Meowsington. Supercat 5000.
Toonces would be good. Sprinkles will apply once he starts pissing on your carpet.

After seeing the cat though I think Azrael would be good. It's evil, and you could tack "Eater of Souls" on for effect. It's also the name of Gargamel's cat in the Smurfs.

Posted by Miguel on Jan 21, 2009
Vice Admiral Sir Meowington


Duke Cuddlesworth

Exalted Exchequer Fluffington

Lord Cutesy Snuggles I


Posted by phduffy on Jan 21, 2009

Chairman Meow

Meow Tse Tung

Why'd you get a cat?

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 21, 2009
I felt like a pet, and like cats.

Posted by juice on Jan 21, 2009
I think



Captain Cosmo



I could go on and on....

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 22, 2009
Ludo (big friendly muppet from Labyrinth)