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Forum posts for My recently read non-genre

Posted by Katie on Jul 14, 2009
I think Cavalier & Clay may have won him the Pulitzer, but I'm never quite sure if they win it for a single book or their body of work up to that point. I remember really enjoying it, although I don't think it provoked strong emotions.

Pillars of the Earth - agreed, amazing book. If you've ever read any other Ken Follet novels, you might understand why the characters themselves are kind of........straightforward. This novel is way out of his genre, and way above general expectations for the quality of writing. The other books are more generic intrigue, brain candy for men type books.

I think his focus for this novel really was on the story, the research and the history and all that. He's finally followed up with a second book in the same vein. It's not quite as amazing, but still a really well told story with really obvious characterizations. There's the stubborn headstrong (but curiously beautiful) girl, the romantic come from behind weakling who holds true to his morals against all else, and the stupid arrogant jerk.

Page count......1,000s.

Posted by Katie on Jul 14, 2009