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Forum posts for F34R!

oh yeah,
Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 12, 2004
The girl with huge earrings is really an android. If you have any questions about characters but don't want to read all the back stuff just ask.

Posted by mike on Jan 13, 2004
Piro is a guy right? At first it seems like Piro might be a girl (manga drawing can be confusing to me), but then with the android I am pretty sure its a guy.

That is a pretty sad android. I am assuming that it has emotions. Yes? No?

Posted by mike on Jan 13, 2004

Invisible messages!
Posted by mike on Jan 13, 2004
I win!!
I know how to post invisible messages now!!

now on to what my question was:

One more time...
Posted by mike on Jan 13, 2004
Wow, that really works well! Too damn well!

Why is all of the dialog in the newer comics surrounded by triangular parenthesii?

Example: (warning, may not work)


Posted by vivian on Jan 13, 2004
i've heard of this, only because they sell tshirts and stuff of this on


Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 13, 2004

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 13, 2004
That' s crazy, I guess not really, it's just coding stuff. I don't know why they do that in the comic, I had never really noticed.

not really MS. laura
Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 14, 2004
it's not code..
it is just the dumb way video game geeks talk on the
'information super highway'

just try playing warcraft or counterstrike without
having someone talk to you like this..

it IS funny.. though..

the comic...

not that dumb-ass way of typing

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 15, 2004
I know it's not code stuff in the comic. But when you type the way they do in here, on the Wolfshack, it dissapears. That's what I meant was crazy and why Mike said he knows how to make invisible msgs.

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 15, 2004
Those characters might not be in the default web character set, but windows might show them when you typed out the message. Not sure. Database might also escape them out to some kind of garble too. Not sure.