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Forum posts for Tattoos or Piercings?

All figured out.
Posted by mike on Jan 14, 2004
Why not get a tatoo of a picture of yourself with some piercings? Or get a tatoo that looks like a piercing somehow. I would say tattoo over piercing any day, but this idea incorporates both. Or, wait for it... a tattoo that somehow incorporates a piercing into it, thereby making the tattoo 3 dimensional. Example: A tattoo of a bull, then a ring thru the bulls nose.

On another note, I have finally found the tattoo that I want to get. Too bad that it is probably too complex to draw on me. Here is a link anyway, if anyone has any ideas on how this could become a tattoo then I would like to know.

I suppose it will be a cut and paste job to view it. I have zero understanding of how to give links here.

um, ok?
Posted by weberm1 on Jan 14, 2004
mike, that sounds like a pretty good idea, but i would have to get a surface piercing for that. mind you, i have been considering it, but i want the tattoo on my lower back and not sure if i want to get that pierced. and the bull idea, kinda funny, especially since i have that nose ring that you were referring to, the septum. good work.
and i think the scorpion is possible, you would just need to find a very good artist to do it. maybe not as detailed, but i bet they could come pretty close. where would you get it?

Posted by mike on Jan 14, 2004
I would definitely get it on the bottom of my foot, right in the arch. I think that would feel pretty good. Plus I couldn't walk properly for a few days, that would also be great.

Actaully I am thinking left side for sure. Either bicep, shoulder blade, or chest. Probably not shoulder blade since I'm a pussy and it might clash with my birthmark somehow, er... I mean my other tattoo of a piece of shit. And probably not my chest since I don't really want to have to shave anything for it to be seen properly.

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 14, 2004
well, you have already made up your mind, left bicep it is. you should do it! it'll be great. or get it on your ass, that's HOT!

Posted by mike on Jan 14, 2004
I have pretty much made up my mind I suppose. I didn't know that I had, but I guess I have.

Would getting it in the treasure trail be more or less hot than the ass?

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 14, 2004
ok, the treasure trail? i am not familiar with this location. though, now i'm not so sure i want to be.

and i think pete just gave me the motivation to get the cleavage piercing.

Posted by mike on Jan 14, 2004
First off, I didn't make up the term and can't remember where it came from, but here is a definition.

Treasure Trail: Strip of hair between the navel and the junk.

What is a cleavage piercing? I have some ideas, but they can't be right.

i see
Posted by weberm1 on Jan 14, 2004
ok, i always thought that was just called the 'highway to heaven' my bad.....or maybe there are just numerous terms for it.

the cleavage piercing is a surface piercing that is just between and above the boobs. i think it looks fun, but not sure about the pain yet. though, i imagine it's not that bad.

I'm an ass.
Posted by mike on Jan 14, 2004
Oh... I get it. No, I don't. Piercings have always baffled me. It has been my goal (and I'm doing pretty well at it so far) to exit life with the same number of holes that I started.

What's it's practical purpose? Anything? Hanging your keys? No, wait... you could roll up a $20 and stick it in there for if you ever lose your wallet/purse/whatever.

If that is something that interests you, then you should do it. There is no way to deny that it would be interesting. Could you hook a chain to your nose then too? Limitless possibilities... limitless.

Also, i would imagine that there are several terms for the highway/trail. In fact if there aren't then in like 5 minutes we could make a bunch up I am sure.

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 14, 2004
i never really thought of the practicality of it. and i guess i have many options as to what could be done with it. though i don't think i will be hooking any chains up to it. the key thing is a good idea, cause i'm always misplacing mine. this way, they are attached to my chest and that's it.
alright, i think i'm convinced. it would be interesting, i've only ever seen one of those. and it's one that can be hidden, so it won't make my mom cry. those are the best kind of piercings.
and just when are you going to get your tattoo?

needles, eh?
Posted by Numinous on Jan 14, 2004
now we all know where I stand on this whole needle thing...... deathly afraid. Having said that I am thinking its about time to bite the bullet and get my ears done, two pirate hoops in each one. Oh that would be big pimp'n, Big Pirate Pimp'n!. Is there someway to get pieced with out needle or a gun.. maybe take some kinda pill, a glass of water and wake up the next morning with four rings in my ears.... someone get on that... Dont get me wrong its not the pain of the whole thing.... Pain doesnt bother me, as of right now I am sporting a nice gash on my arm from putting it into the key machine.... why I did it well thats a long story... maybe I can rig the key machine up somehow to piece my ears... yes that sounds like a good idea to kill the afternoon....

oh, the pain!
Posted by weberm1 on Jan 14, 2004
yeah schaus, it's the pain. it's alright, i don't think you are any less of a man for being afraid. wimp.....
um, not too sure if they pierce with guns anymore. i got some of mine at those crappy jewellery places in the mall. you know the ones, 12 year old girls love them! but, i don't think they are allowed to do them anymore, not the best way to go. they have a higher chance of infection, but i was always fine. it's easier to do gun, cause it's fast, but if they miss that ear! look out!
if you want to go, i would be more than willing to go get your ears done. if you go to a piercing place, it's going to cost you though. i'm sure they would give you some sort of deal if you were getting four at once.

I vote
Posted by phduffy on Jan 14, 2004
for a piercing.

The Pain Factor
Posted by kris on Jan 14, 2004
I have 7 piercings in my ears...all of them done with guns. The only one that hurt was the cartilage.
I also have a tatoo on the back of my neck. It's about 2.5 inches by 2 inches. It took 10-15 minutes to do.
After all this, I'd have to say that the tatoo hurt the most. Anyone who has a tatoo can tell you'll feel like you're a piece of chicken being carved into.
Also, my friend got her tatoo with me...the tatoo artist messed up HUGE and she had to get it removed. It cost her $600.00 to laser remove it, and she still has a scar (this is over a year later).
piercings are becoming way too common. Although many people have tatoos, I find that they are more personal and symbolic of who you are as a just have to be REALLY sure of what you're getting and where you want to put it. Get the tatoo!

Oh Yeah...
Posted by kris on Jan 15, 2004
One of my friends also got her nipples pierced. She got the left one done first, and it was ripped right out (she says it happened in her sleep, I don't know). She waited for it to heal, went back and got both nipples done. The same thing happened again...they both got ripped out. Besides the painful procedure to get them pierced and ripped out, you can always see them through your shirt (unless you don't mind everyone thinking you're "cold")

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 15, 2004
They are so much more personal then peircings. And I'm sure you already know this... but find the best artist you can.

I don't know how much you will like this but Brandon Boyd from Incubus has really cool tattoos on his arms that are just red, no outline. All blue or purple...

Also, since it is permanent, get it in a place that you don't look at all the time, then there is less of a chance you will get sick of it.

Or, your other tattoo is a black dragon right? You could go with a mythical animal theme or something, a harpy or siren or mermaid.

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 15, 2004
alright, still have a little trouble deciding, but i guess i could just save up the money and get both done.
cosmicfish, good idea with the mythical animal idea. i think i might want something tribal on my back, and it would be at the bottom, where i can't see it often. my dragon is on my back, and i can look at it when i want, but for the most part i forget it's even there. and i know of a good artist in barrie, so that's where i would go.
ok kris, how did her nipple rings get ripped out? i know that in order for them to be ripped out, they have to be pulled hard. my boyfriend has had his for years and they have been pulled on, somewhat hard i guess. (wait, was the too much information?) anyway, the body can sometimes reject piercings, just kind of push them out on it's own, this happened with my eyebrow and can happen with others, i assume. i guess if she had the rings put in close to the edge of her nipples, they could be pulled out more easily. i don't know.
question: i've gotten alot of mixed reactions about the cleavage piercing. some say it looks good and i got totally disgusted reaction from a friend last night. what does everyone think?

It's klinda up to you.
Posted by mike on Jan 15, 2004
Cleavage Piercing:
To be honest, I am not sold on the idea. Keep in mind however that I have not actually seen one, so it might be great and my imagination isn't doing it justice. Really though it doesn't matter what I think, or what anybody else thinks, if you like it then do it. This is a reversible choice, the best kind of choice, if you are not satisfied with it you can always just take it out and all you have lost is the money.

My Tattoo:
I will get it when I am ready. I will get it when I have the money. So to answer your question I don't know. I just bought a car however, so I won't have the money anytime soon.

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 15, 2004
yeah mike, i guess you are right. if i don't like it, i could take it out. and i don't pay full price for my piercings, so i don't think it'll be that much even if i'm out the money.
how big did you want your tattoo?

It's all so preliminary...
Posted by mike on Jan 15, 2004
Um... haven't thought too much about that.
Probably 3x3 or 4x4 or (inches that is). It will entirely depend on what level of detail can be packed into the specific sizes.

I would assume that the detail in a tattoo would work the opposite way of picure enlargemants from a digital camera. That is to say that more size would allow for a more detailed picture since the scale would be larger.

Posted by vivian on Jan 15, 2004
personally, piercings make more sense to me than tattoos, since they don't cost a thing to remove, versus the [$600 was it?] to remove a tattoo.. [my brother's ex got matching tattoos with her girlfriends.. then some time after, when they weren't even friends anymore, she started the painful and expensive process of having it zapped off..] .. i don't think i could ever get a tattoo because everything that i have ever wanted loses its appeal after like a month or two.. plus, you can't get a MRI if you have a tattoo [according to trevor] i doubt i will ever get one, because with my luck, i will probably need a MRI one day.. however, with that said, would you consider getting something really plain, a tattoo that could be hidden easily, like a thin black band around your wrist or something? so it looks like you always have a bracelet on..? i think that would be cool.. and if you get a fancy schmancy job, you could always hide that with a real watch or something..

from my understanding, the cleavage dealy is a surface piercing? and surface piercings get rejected fairly easily.. so you may be left with a scar and -$70 or whatever in a few months.. i think they look kind of neat [re: ] but ... ... do you really want a scar there?

what piercings do you have already?

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 15, 2004
currently i only have ears and my septum, which is the perfect facial piercing. anything facial is out, because of my job, but the septum is easily hidden. so, if i wanted to do something else, my options are limited. i could go for more ear, but i already have 11, so.....i dunno, nipples or cleavage is pretty much the only thing i could do. or would want to, i suppose. cleavage piercings can be rejected, but i would need to talk to my piercer about that. i think it all depends on how much cleavage you actually have. if you are really skinny with very little skin to grab, it could be easily rejected in a month. but i'm hoping my cleavage is just right? who knows?
tatoos are good, but you do run the risk of getting bored or sick of it. the only option would be to cover it up with another tattoo, or just have it removed. the bracelet thing would be kinda cool actually, or something similar. my cousin took 'permanent make-up' in school, which i think is just weird. pretty much getting a tattoo of eyeliner or something? strange, that's one think i could never get into. wait, that and branding, which i have seen done. rather gross and it doesn't look that nice after. nothing like the smell of burning flesh......
so, to answer the question, i don't think i want a scar there. no, can't say that i do......will need to ponder these things more.

nipple piercing
Posted by kris on Jan 15, 2004 I asked her again today how her nipple rings were torn out. She said that it happened while she was sleeping; she just woke up and there was blood all over her bed. She got her nipples pierced at Way Cool Tatoos, they usually do a good job, so I don't know if they pierced her too close to the end. Maybe she was too rough with it the night before. She wouldn't really say. All I know is that it took her nipples 3 months to close up again....

Posted by kristian on Jan 16, 2004
I had my nipples done...both of them. And GODDAMN did it hurt...not discouraging you from it, I'm sure it's no surprise that there is a good deal of pain associated with sticking a needle through your nipples. My horror story...
So the dude clamps my nipple (which is also not overly comfortable) then as he's piercing it, he says "ooops, sorry hun". I had my eyes closed at this point, so I don't know what is going on other than a great deal of pain. He said that because my nipples are so small (I'm lucky to fill out an A) he hit a hard core in the centre of my nipple, which caused his needle to deflect and come out through the front. So then he pulled it back through and went through again properly. It was not enough to deter from getting the other one done a few months later.
I loved them once they healed, but cleaning them until then was very painful. They also had a tendancy to get kind of crustly from time to time, then really hurt when you cleaned them. I eventually took them out after about 3 years.
Also, I was wondering who the artist in Barrie is that you are concidering (I'm from there and know lots of artists).
I know you don't know me, but if you want an outsider's opinion, I say go for the unusual piercing if your none to sure. I think the cleavage looks awesome (something I could never get, see above). If you're just looking for one or the other for the sake of getting something done (a feeling I have had often), maybe the less permanent, cheaper alternative is best.

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 16, 2004
i think i will go for the cleavage piercing first, just because it is a little different and unique.
my artist in barrie is curtis brooks, from lucky devil. i've been going to him for a couple of years, i guess, and he's pierced me about eight times. he's the only one i really trust and he knows what he's doing, on top of being a good guy. so, that's who i would go to.
your nipple experience does not sound too pleasant, and the fact that the guy said 'oops, sorry' would make me extremely nervous. i think i would have bailed right there, you must be brave.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 16, 2004
I'm wondering if we could avoid using the words "Nipples" and "crusty" in the same sentence from now on.


yeah, good call
Posted by weberm1 on Jan 16, 2004
goot point paul, never really thought of how gross that was until now. but it's normal for a piercing to get all gross and crusty, this does not exclude the nipples. there, i did it!

And now...
Posted by mike on Jan 16, 2004
...think of a clit ring getting crusty and/or infected. Or for that matter a Prince Albert.
Have a good supper Paul.

another thought
Posted by Katie on Jan 16, 2004
I too think that if you're not sure, you should go for the less permanent less expensive option. And I think the cleavage piercing looks amazing!!

BUT! Maybe you should keep in mind how easily your skin scars. While in the shower this afternoon, I was thinking how awesome that piercing looked in the picture. And unlike some others, (be they fortunate or unfortunate, who is to say) I do have ample cleavage that could support such adorning. But then I reminded myself that my skin is very sensitive and scars like a bitch. So for me, it would have to be a no. What with it being a surface piercing, and the possibility of getting bored of it, I don't think I'd really want to take that chance. Cause for me, it would almost be a piercing/branding kind of situation.

So my opinion is to go for the piercing, unless you think it's going to turn into a branding.

Posted by larissa on Jan 18, 2004
I definatly think you should get a tattoo, opposed to the piercing. From my experience, piercings often get infected and remain uncomfortable for quite sometime, regardless of what you get pierced. Ear piercings seem to be the worst, because I've been forced to sleep on my back or my face into the pillow (which is dangerous) because it hurt to lie on my ear. Tattoos usually heal in good time- much quicker than piercings. Also, tattoo's are much more meaningful if you get one that has significance to your life. Example/suggestion- if you have had someone close to you pass away, perhaps get a tattoo that is symbolic of that person... Tattoo's are also much more personalized!