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Forum posts for 6 in 1 Book Review!

Blow your Mind
Posted by Blur on Jan 28, 2004
I have just recently finished reading a book called "A hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" Now I ahve only joined this Wolfshack recently so this Book link here on this site might have already faciliated information on this book.. But after reading a few posts byt the pople that look a this site, I think this book would be loved by many. It's tough to but down, and to fall asleep after reading.


Posted by phduffy on Jan 28, 2004
I've never actually read that, but I've heard all kinds of good things about it.

Sounds like they were right. I'll have to pick that up sometime in the future.

The series
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 28, 2004
I had the big book. The one that combines all 5 together. I think I got to the middle of the fourth when I finally got bored of it. First 2-3 of the series are great. Beyond that, feels redundant.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 01, 2004
Redundant is a fun word.

I sort of feel like I screwed up by putting all 6 of these reviews in one.

It sort of loses the point that:
Liar's Poker is a great book that everyone should read.
(I just read another book by Michael Lewis, Next, which deals with the internet, and which is also great)

Use of Weapons is a great book that anyone that likes Iain M. Banks should read.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 01, 2004
the hell do you find a thread that's like 2 months old and think to post to it again? You've been doing this a lot lately. :)

Posted by phduffy on Apr 01, 2004
On the left, below where it says articles, you can click on a category.

Then, you get a page with all the articles in that category, no matter how old they are!

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 01, 2004
I'm aware of the mechanics, I'm just surprised that you're looking at old ones, or do you just remember old ones that have that thread of conversation, and look them up?

Posted by phduffy on Apr 04, 2004
I just remember after writing this review that I wasn't totally happy with it, cause I didn't get across how good Liar's Poker is.

So I was going to do a review of another Michael Lewis book and mention it there, but I got lazy, so I just went back to the old review and put it in the comments.