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Forum posts for Imginary Girlfriends

Posted by vivian on Jan 29, 2004
i can't believe there are TWO PAGES of imaginary girlfriends on there.. some at $250 USD... gahhh..

[how did stumble... across this...... . .? ;)]

my friend erin tried selling her friendship on ebay and they took it down.. but offering live cam shows and nude photos as an imaginary girlfriend is alright? weird

How I heard about it
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 29, 2004
I first came across it from a guy at work mentioned it, but saw it again today at Had meant to post about it the first time, but forgot, so here it is now.

Posted by MDuffy on Jan 29, 2004
We should all try and sell ourselves as "imaginary boyfriends"
and see who gets the most money.

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 29, 2004
I actually didn't search for that. Does a market exist for that yet?

New Market
Posted by MDuffy on Jan 29, 2004
There are 3 different ways for you to come up with a product to market.
1)Create a new idea.
2)Steal an existing idea.
3) Alter an existing idea.

SO we could do this buy selling ourselves as bf's