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Forum posts for You be the judge...

Posted by Boglin on Jan 30, 2004

Looks like it's real :o

Posted by Boglin on Jan 30, 2004
So real, in fact, that I felt the need to post it three times =/

Posted by kris on Jan 30, 2004
i think i looks fake from the background to his skin....
don't be fooled by the caption in the top right hand corner....
anyone could do that...

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 30, 2004
i think i'm going to have to say that this is a fake. or at least changed to make him look better than he actually is. i just have trouble believing that a 63 year old man can have a body like that. especially one that is all about nature, and probably would not take steroids. i don't think he could have that body without some sort of assistance from drugs. but shit, what do i know?

well shit
Posted by Numinous on Jan 30, 2004
fuck me its like looking in a mirror.... and while I might not be 63 somedays my body sure feels like it..

Posted by Katie on Jan 30, 2004
well, do you really think he's that tall? The body looks very tall and slim to me. While David Suzuki always left the impression of being short, and while not chubby, not slim either.

I seriously doubt it.
Posted by mike on Jan 30, 2004
Yes, quite... it's just like looking in a mirror for me too. Some sort of body enhancement mirror.

I don't think it is real, and here is what I base my opinion on:
-the head seems too big for the body.
-the body does not appear to be a part of the background.
-the feet do not appear to be touching the ground.
-the body colour looks screwed and changes from the body to the face(that probably means approximately jack shit though).
-the scale of the forest (leaves and such) doesn't seem to correspond with the body.

My #1 reason I think its fake:
-it is just WAY too convenient that the picture is in the forest.

And then there are the reasons stated by everyone else as well...

Posted by kris on Jan 30, 2004
could it be possible that this "photo-shoot" did not take place in the forest, but in a studio with a green back drop for digital imaging sake?
maybe it could be his body just not a real background.
who knows, those japanese really know how to take care of themselves....did you know that they have the longest life expectancy?
I think the average japanese woman lives to be 98 while the average man 94....
i don't know where i heard that...but interesting enough to post no?

Posted by kris on Jan 30, 2004
the colour of his skin could be different in areas due to the lighting...
if he was oiled up (sorry for the mental picture), it is quite possible that it is just the light reflecting off his body...

i also think that his body doesn't look tall at all. i think the background is confusing. the fact that he looks almost as tall as the trees.

anyhow, due to further inspection, i think i might have changed my mind..

anyone wanna prove me wrong?

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 30, 2004
Kris, I'm beginning to think you just want to go to sleep tonight with the image of a buff mostly naked David Suziki tonight.

What's up with that? :)

You want some of Jungle Dave?

ha ha ha...funny guy!
Posted by kris on Jan 30, 2004
could you sense the sarcastic tone?

i was just really intrigued by the whole thing....i tend to pick pictures apart because my friends are into digital arts.

wow, didn't think it would make you so jealous?

Sarcastic tone apparent.
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 30, 2004
Heh, understandable. I remember that picture being circulated around a while ago of the shark jumping out of the water attacking some helicopter.

That looked pretty good. Someone eventually pointed out that sharks don't really do the whole jumping thing though.

I have seen Sharks Jump
Posted by phduffy on Jan 30, 2004
Download wildboyz.

That's the show with Steve O and Pontius. The premise is: They travel to exotic places and almost get killed by dangerous animals.

There's one in South Africa with a Great White that jumps out of the water to kill a seal, right after the boys were swimming in the same area.

Now, I guess jump is sort of subjective. Like, it wasn't completely out of the water. But it's head came out and started to go down, while it's tail came out.

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 30, 2004
Didn' t know that, thought breaching, (what they call it for whales anyhow) was pretty much a whale only thing.

I can only imagine what it would be like to see a giant motherfucking humpback or something jump out of the water right beside you.

check em out
Posted by kris on Jan 30, 2004

they have some pics and vids from their show here. i didn't see one of the shark "jumping" out of the water though.

there's a cool game you can play too, but you have to sign up and become a member. You use animals to poo on steve o and pontius...its pretty funny!

sharks jump!
Posted by Katie on Jan 30, 2004
In my copious amounts of free time these days, I happened to catch a show on the Discovery Channel about sharks the other day. And what were they trying to discover?? If Great White Sharks really did jump out of the water. I saw tons of footage proving that they did, quite clear of the water actually. That was in South the States (california side) they were a little bigger, and so had a harder time clearing the water quite as well, but when going after prey that was on the suface of the water (rather than their usual swimming prey) they definitely jumped. So that picture could be true. Apparently they use their tails, flipping it from side to side, to propel them upwards. Quite fascinating.

abs of steel
Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 31, 2004
I am a close personal friend of David here and I can tell you that picture is definitly him. :Þ

Besides, if they were going to paste a head on a body they usually use one that are ridiculously ripped and don't have tan lines.

Posted by MDuffy on Feb 01, 2004
Fucking awesome show.
Wildboyz dressing up in thongs and almost getting killed.
And yes the sharks they see 'jump' out of the water.