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Forum posts for I need an activist group

Posted by MDuffy on Feb 04, 2004

Try NORML sucka

Posted by kris on Feb 04, 2004
what sort of grassroots organization are you looking for? there are so many to choose from. do they all have to be fighting for the same cause?

I did an essay on globalization from below a while back, here are some groups that i researched for the paper.... hope this helps...

TIRN = The Tennessee Industrial Renewal Network (against neo-liberal globalization). This group lost thier jobs to a third world sweat shop offering lower wages. From this group dozens of other grassroots activists have sprung up. They now concentrate on the aspects of free trade and economic justice, immigrant rights, and a few more (I can't remember off the top of my head).
CFO = Committee Fronterizo de Obereras (committee of women workers) - concerned with the role of women in the Maquiladora sweatshops (treatment, wages, etc).
GREENPEACE = this is an obvious one, but good nonetheless....
LIFT = Low Income Families Together - drawn on the Universal Declaration in mobilizing opposition to the Ontario government's workfare programs. Has worked to expose the fact that the Canadian and Ontario governments have failed to live up to thier obligations under the UN's International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural rights.
ILO = International Labour Organization - dealing with worldwide unemployment

*there are so many more...look for opposition to 'footlosse multinationals', fair trade vs. free trade, green revolution, womans rights, etc....

if you're up for some research check this book out....

Fighting the Wrong Enemy: Antiglobal Activists and Multinational Enterprises by Edward E. Graham

Posted by MDuffy on Feb 04, 2004