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Forum posts for Duck Hunt

Posted by phduffy on Feb 12, 2004
Sometimes when you see something like this, there is only one response.

And that response is:


Posted by kris on Feb 12, 2004
I'm glad you like it....
I don't remember having a limited amount of shots before.... is this a new thing?

Right on brotha (sistah)
Posted by Miguel on Feb 12, 2004
I heart that game!

Now if only we could get Ninja Gaiden....and yes you fucking geeks im talking about without an emulator

Posted by mike on Feb 12, 2004
I remember this. Good find.
I definitely remember having a limited number of shots in the origional, wow, that's kinda wierd.

I want to see base wars. If I recall it was cool. But it might seem kinda of suck-ass now.

Posted by Numinous on Feb 12, 2004
how fast do you think it would take to break a mouse if someone could find super spike V-Ball

Safari Hunt
Posted by nszyngie on Feb 12, 2004
Good hustle on that link . . . spanks.
But for those who know, clearly Safari Hunt for SMS was better. A larger variety of animals, including the elusive jaguar (or panther) that would run really fast across teh screen and mock you with its speed. But i don't see no link for a Flash version of it, so I've got to settle for Duck Hunt - until I get home and play Safari Hunt, Hang-On, Rampage and oh so many others . . .

Posted by Miguel on Feb 12, 2004
Dear Nick.

Your obsession with the Sega Master System both worries and puzzles me. While I appreciate certain eccentricities in people, preferring the SMS over the Nintendo is just plain irresponsible.

Duck Hunt was a major experience for a whole generation of young 80's children. It was probably the driving force of the whole "duck hunting" craze that happened in the late 90's, where groups of teenagers would go out into the swamps armed with red handguns to shoot feathered fowl.

Of course, this is not to be confused with the Castlevania fad of 2001, This fad would see young men and women, now urban professionals at their first jobs, dressed in leather "vampire hunting outfits" in all night raves where whips, knifes and even holy water were used in what could only be described as some kind of perverted sexual orgy. Oh you never heard about that? You must have missed out...

Anyways, what did the master system have? I don't even know what the hell Alex Kid in Wonderland was about! And what kind of title is that? Super Mario Brothers is perfect....they're these fat Italian brothers and they have mushroom activated super powers, just like real life. Short and sweet.

Posted by nszyngie on Feb 12, 2004
Dearest Miguel:

Apparently you are worried and puzzled because you fail to understand what it means to own a Sega Master System. Sure, Nintendo created fads and crazes and promoted leather clad sexual orgies, but they are all lemmings. Break free of the chains of oppression! Don't settle for Atari-esque graphics! Own a Sega! (surely this was an advertising campaign run in the backs of Archie comics).
Anyways, I had my chance with a NES. Excitebike, although level design was cool, fell short graphically. It was all about the graphics and the bits back then. SMS was better. Period. Games for the masses, well, that is another story.

See, in Brampton, my friends and I embraced the SMS as our own. Case and point - I sent that Duck Hunt link to some friends, and they disregarded my email, and I quote "i was a sega kid. no thanks". clearly he knows Safari Hunt was better too . . .

Anyways, we had Shinobi - awesome side scroll. Alex Kidd, was more imaginative than Super Mario (yet they failed to make a movie about this awesome game. see: The Wizard). Altered Beast, After Burner, Bomber Raid, Rampage, Wonder Boy I, II and III, California Games, Double Dragon, R-Type, Space Harrier, Thunder Blade, Golden Axe, SpellCaster, Zillion II, Great Baseball . . . must I go on?

It's all good. I think what it boils down to Miguel, after some careful soulsearching, is that I was able to realize that the stupid robot really didn't do anything at all, and was just a gimic . . . Sega didn't need any fog and mirrors show to win me over.

--> I am guilty for enjoying a select few games on NES, so I am not completely biased.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 12, 2004
Wasn't Altered Beast for the Genesis?

i'll have to check
Posted by nszyngie on Feb 12, 2004
Paul, you could be right. It has been so long. Badass game though.

Anyways, here is an excerpt from Cyborg Hunter: i wish I had a Psycho Gun!

Use the jet engine to maneuver around the cyborgs on the first and fifth floors. You cannot destroy them.
Use the light or ray gun against the cyborg chiefs. It will take longer to kill them than with the psycho gun and you will probably lose more life, but you can replenish your life with the L-item on the third floor. Save your psycho power for Vipron. Use the jet engine and the psycho gun to defeat Vipron. Note that your shots will not damage him after he starts to charge. As he charges, fly over him and shoot him when he stops. Try to locate yourself in the middle of the screen when firing at Vipron.

Sounds pretty badass eh?