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Forum posts for A word to the wise

Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 14, 2004
that’s some nice writing..
i haven't enjoyed something more for quite some time..

i'm with you schaus
don't worry about me.. i know exactly how to use a
lawn mower/shovel/baseball bat/gun/anti-tank missile/lamp shade
to maximum effectiveness when combating the forces of darkness

for those of you unfamiliar with this terrible zombie threat here is some recommended reading/watching you need to do.....

Night of the Living Dead
(the big bad originator... "They won't stay dead!")
Dawn of the Dead
(the remake that is coming out soon looks pretty good too.. )
Resident Evil
(best video game movie ever.. good action, and the plot doesn't suck..)
Omega Man
(Charlton Heston at his best, playing chess against a bust of Caesar for 2 hours... quack-tastic)
28 Days Later
(essentially a remake of the aforementioned Omega Man.. but now the zombies are faster.. and the hero is british.. quite a different tale entirely)
(in case of japanese zombies.. LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE.. like most zombies they hunger for human flesh.. but these ones use guns and katanas and can fuck you up.. in SLOW MOTION)

you dig this shit ?
there are many others out there.. but with this core study i think you'll be better equipped to dead with this rising threat....

fuck terrorists
fuck armies and foreign invasions
(unless they are armies of priests invading the realm of the dead)
start digging up all the dead and freezing them in nitrogen and smashing them to dust.. an important new tool in the fight against undead oppression......,5744,8632669%255E29677,00.html

have a good friday night everyone.. and have a happy valentine's day!

Not Worried.
Posted by mike on Feb 16, 2004
To be honest I have a very weak grasp on what you have just said. I will however rest easier knowing that you are on the case.

I am also not worried because I have not seen or heard of an undead threat that cannot be stopped through the use of a Shotgun and/or a chainsaw. Since I am reasonably proficient in the use of both, I feel pretty safe.

How is the beer supply? Beer has calories and is therefore almost food. Also if a bunch of undead unleash themselves on the world, I want to get drunk. Get drunk and combat them (the evil undead) with Shotguns and chainsaws.

Posted by nszyngie on Feb 16, 2004
I agree. We must prepare for the apocalypse, even if it is in the shape of moronic zombies. I am doing my part by trying to catch up on my share of old world knowledge. When she blows, no one knows who or what will be left, so horde information in our heads that may be useful later.

Learn how to construct simple shapes out of wood in case we need to build shelters. Learn about poison berries. How to start a fire. Basic math and engineering skills.

It all scares the hell out of me.

But for now, if we're good, can we hear more about the psycho-bable this woman was spewing out to you? I want to hear about the confrontation! (Square dowel, eh? Hmm . . . sounds like an arts and craft project to me. Making a frame for Molly's picture of a cat, spelt with a K. Idiot kids).

Posted by vivian on Feb 16, 2004
i had a dream not too long ago about zombies attacking my school.. [these were the run-of-the-mill Romero slow zombies, but still scary]

i woke up in tears; the world was ending and nobody cared - it was quite tragic

the thing that pissed me off most was that when i was getting attacked by a zombie during lecture, no one would help me: i had to singlehandedly smash the zombie to bits with a desk-chair thing.

i'm glad that you're preparing for the future schaus; it makes me feel a little safer.

be sure to stock up on some square dowels.

Posted by crux on Feb 16, 2004
i own a really sharp sword. you can read this comment as a reply to the original post, or as a stand alone statement. either way works for me.