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Forum posts for An ode to Nate Dogg

Dont' forget
Posted by phduffy on Feb 18, 2004
That Nate Dogg and Warren G are going to make some bodies go cold!

This is a obvious reference to Nietzche's belief that man created god in his image, and Nate Dogg and Warren G are expressing their belief that it is not God that causes death, but actually man, which is the expression of God.

Posted by Miguel on Feb 18, 2004
Someone should publish the collected quotes of Nate Dogg. Im serious....we could make some money off that!

Posted by mike on Feb 19, 2004
YES, yes.

I can't remember if the following was Nate Dogg, it has been too long...

Put your nuts on the table my nigga let's play the game,
I'll beat you so long you be a-ddicted to pain,
0-0-3 and shit just ain't the same,

I forget the rest. What I do remember is probably just paraphrasing.

I suspect it is Nate Dogg. Mostly because of all the deeply embedded commentaries on such relevant social issues as:
If you choose to fuck with Nate Dogg (or whoever is singing) he will beat the shit out of you in a very efficient and obviously thorough manner.

Am I right?

oh yeah...
Posted by mike on Feb 19, 2004
After he beats the shit out of you I am sure he will have sex with your girlfriend as well, you know, just for good measure, in the spirit of sharing and all.

You are so right!
Posted by Miguel on Feb 19, 2004

Nate Dogg is an artist....but more than that, he is a visionary, and an artist as well.

I like how he uses his powerful voice for the benefit of all mankind, teaching us about the beauty of lowridders, gangsta bitches and about how you really, really shouldn't mess with Nate Dogg, his friends and their birth mothers and the mothers of their children (Babys' Mamas)

Its a beautiful thing.

Holy Words from the hood
Posted by Numinous on Feb 19, 2004
Miggy you say some pretty bold things there....
Some may say that "I think he sounds like Jesus would, if Jesus were still alive today as a bald black guy..." Some might say there is something very wrong with putting Jesus and Nate Dogg in the same article, in the same line, or to even compare the two would put you right in hell....

I am however not one of these people. I couldnt agree with you more. I think you hit nail right on the fucking head with this one. Every line you hear him sing, and you picture his face in your mind.... You cant help but think that he would or has done every single word he says.

"I'm in a rage..
so if we have to got to do this then let me know...
cause that is what I came for."

If Nate Dogg were to sing that to me, with that look in his eyes... I would know that I was a dead man. Not only that, but he would kick my ass in the same smooth, scary, calm that he sings the song in. The man practices what he preaches. Look at Snoop and Dre, both great, but lets face it alot of what they say is bullshit.. I mean sure I might believe that snoop is a bit of a pimp, but is he really on the same level as some of his songs. Dre maybe did have switches to get bitches.. but he is happily married, and has been for may years. Nate dogg on the other hand I sure does have "16 in the clip, and one in the hold." Nate Dogg has something to say, and damnit you had all best listen! "Shit dont stop cause the game dont wait" The "Game" is going to need leaders, and would anyone be fool enough to take on Nate, in all of his holy gameness. I'm not that big of fool, I'm on the side with the real dogg. Its not only fear that drives me, oh no, dont think that for a second. The man is smart, the man has powerful friends, and I'll be damned if he isnt the smoothest mother fucker on the planet. Mother's let your children grow up listening to Nate Dogg. We Need more greats like this one. Now I know what your thinking... "I want my child grow up and be as great as nate dogg, but what if they grow up fronter's?" Well your right, most of them will be.... but have no worries Nate Dogg will weed them out real fast.

So preach on Dogg, Preach ON!! we all got your back. Not like Nate would need it anyway.

Nate "My Deity" Dogg
Posted by Miguel on Feb 19, 2004

Numinous, don't ever ever change....I mean it. This country....nay this world needs more people like you around.

You know what's one of the main reasons you can tell Nate Dogg is not here to fuck around and be a "studio gangster" or an "industry beotch"?

His muthafucking face. It never ever changes. Wether Nate is talking about "16 in da clip and one in da hole, Nate Dogg is about to make some bodies turn cold" or bragging bout how

This day right here is really rough,
These girls out here about the bucks,
These fools out here afraid to bust,
I have no fear, afraid of what
And in five beers I'm comin' up

He's seen the worst of Compton, and he has survived and backed up all his friends like Warren G and that little bitch Fabolous. And don't think for a second that the rough streets of South Central haven't marked him or changed him in any way.....he can never smile again.

But he makes us all smile and he makes all other rappers around him better. Just ask Ice Cube "Cause it must be a single with Nate Dogg singin on it" or Mach 10 "It ain't a hit till Nate Dogg spit" (gangsta nation single)

Nate Dogg is a modern Jeebus.