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Forum posts for The Grey Album

Posted by mike on Feb 20, 2004
Why do record labels care so much?
It wouldn't have anything to do with money would it?

Of course
Posted by phduffy on Feb 22, 2004
Of course it has to do with money.

Was that supposed to be some sort of cryptic remark?

Posted by mike on Feb 23, 2004
I musn't know what a cryptic remark is, 'cause that don't make any sense.
You could either say I was being sarcastic, or you could call them rhetorical questions, I don't know where cryptic is coming from.

Lets see....
Posted by Miguel on Feb 23, 2004
Sarcasm:witty language used to convey insults or scorn

Rhetorical: concerned with effect or style of writing and speaking

Cryptic: of an obscure nature

In my opinion, Mike's comment was rhetorical, being said for effect rather than to elicit a reply. Perhaps with a bit of sarcasm.

Paul thought it was cryptic, but I think that it could very easily be seen as a rhetorical statement. As everyone know record companies are evil incarnate and only concerned with profit.