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Forum posts for *ahem* vivian *ahem*

Posted by phduffy on Mar 02, 2004
You need to go to his bio and take a look at this dude. That's a classy man!

Posted by vivian on Mar 02, 2004
HAHAHAHhahaha.. you had to post this, didn't you?

if pete hadn't gone with me, to that creepy house at JANE AND FINCH, i don't know what i would've done when the dude was like "how would you feel about taking off your bra...?" [to which my reply was "i wouldn't feel too good about that..."]

the guy didn't seem that creepy when he approached me while i was working at the Bookstore.. he just gave me his website address.. i contacted him months later to ask about how much he paid models [i was looking for extra money] .. i thought he just wanted a portrait sitter, but i emailed him at the "right" time - the japanese woman he usually worked with was unavailable for this job.. i took her place *hangs head*

a few things:

- on the cover of #300 [Warrior's Requiem], i don't think those are my legs ..they don't look attached to my body
- on the cover of #303 [Sea of Terror], i don't think that is my cleavage ..i am wearing a corset, so it *might* be, but it is highly probable that i got a digital boob job ..
- why didn't i get paid more than a $100 for that hour of strenuously lame posing?
- why wasn't i informed that i was going to be on more than one cover?
- how many more lameass covers am i going to appear on in this series? oh god

Who want's a body massage?
Posted by Miguel on Mar 02, 2004
So you are probably the cover picture for the sensual, alluring female character in the book right?

Someone needs to get their filthy hands on those books to see what Vivian's character is all about. Although it could also be that the pic is just there for the cheesecake quota.

In which case


vivian's 'leg'
Posted by jessie on Mar 02, 2004
check this out:
clearly not vivian, but the same leg...the guy did a really bad job. it looks like he just put vivians picture over the other girl...well vivian is hotter!

Wait though
Posted by Nerhael on Mar 02, 2004
On the artists that even vivian in that pic for that book? On amazon, I'd definitely say it's her, but in that pic, I think it's still La Femme Nikita.

unemployed and bored
Posted by vivian on May 13, 2005
for the love of god.. i just googled my full name and this Wolfshack post came up......... :(