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Forum posts for it's a good thing...

Posted by phduffy on Mar 05, 2004
It's been a while since I've said something strange around here, so here it is.

The whole thing is a giant fucking joke. There's no way she should have even been tried, yet alone found guilty. It's just an SEC witch hunt, since they screwed up with Enron and Worldcom for so long that they feel they have to do something in public.

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 05, 2004
i agree.. the SEC should get their shit together and get the real bad-guys instead of going after poor ol' martha who made like 50,000 off the deal...


it's like going after a purse snatcher while there are several bank robberies going on....

Posted by weberm1 on Mar 05, 2004
Good, i'm glad martha may go to jail. she makes the same products as other companies, and then rapes people on prices because her name and picture are on the package. i hope she becomes someones prison bitch. someone named bertha, with big hairy arms.


Sounds right to me.
Posted by mike on Mar 05, 2004
I thought that is how justice worked. Prosecutors pick the highest profile cases to get publicity and set examples.

I am speaking very generally here. The judicial system must give the illusion of justice at all times. It's not right, but I think that's how it is.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 05, 2004
webwerm, I strongly disagree with what you said.

You may wish her to go out of business because you don't like her products. That's fine. She sure as hell shouldn't go to jail!

I think that Zehrs does a crappy job of developing photos. So I don't go there. That doesn't mean I think that the Zehrs photo dept should be put in jail.

She puts her picture on them because that suggests a certain quality. So people buy her shit because of that.

Mike, I don't think that's remotely how justice works, either in the pure sense, or in practice. You go after people that have done something wrong, particularly if think you can convict them. And, you decide the best use of your resources. It's like the 6 million or whatever it is that they OPP spends on helicopters looking for weed. Yeah, growing weed is illegal. However, there's a lot of better ways to spend your money to fight crime than that.

Typically the SEC doesn't even look into insider trading unless there's $10 million dollars. Martha Stewart made 50 grand, apparently illegally.
If she wasn't Martha Stewart she wouldn't have even registered on the SEC radar. Fuck, today's volume was over 16 million shares! Last Friday it was ove 7 million! And her shares are trading at over 10 dollars a share. (Oddly, she's up 15.8% today and at a 52 week high).