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Forum posts for Vice guide to Canada

Posted by cosmicfish on Mar 16, 2004
miguel... i'm coming to the city this weekend but the girl i am showing around is underage. you know lots of good spots, do you know any good spots that will not require an id and won't be infested with locust like march break children?

Posted by Miguel on Mar 16, 2004

Do you mean like clubs? Because I definitely know next to nothing about clubbing, especially not for all-ages. My advice would be to skip any and all all-age clubs, as they are guaranteed to be shit. Does your friend look young? Most pubs and lounge-y type areas don't really card anyone, so then places like the green and red rooms and shanghai cowgirl are definite options.

If you really want to dance, then i don't know....Sean and Pete might have a better idea of where you would go, but every club will card you in Toronto, no way around it.

You're better off showing her cool, unique places like the E-Zone for bubble tea and crazy games (open till 5am), or a cool pub and or lounge.

As for food, check out my top 10 cheap eats!

Posted by cosmicfish on Mar 16, 2004
no, i am definitely not down with the clubs but the other places are good. i was thinkgin of the red room too.... danka

Posted by phduffy on Mar 16, 2004
You could try the Silver Snail. All cute teenage girls. Wait, make that all cute girls in general love the Silver Snail.