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Forum posts for Top 10 SNES Games of All Time!

Top 11!
Posted by Palmer on Apr 22, 2004
10 - Super The Empire Strikes Back

The fact that you can use Force powers AND bring down the AT-ATs (those are Imperial Walkers for you non Star Wars geeks) on Hoth makes this the best game in the series.

9 - Super Metroid

Note for Paul - What are you talking about? Samus had her bionic arm, but you didn't get it until later in the game...anyhow, I never played Metroid on the NES and picked this up on a was strange at first, but ended up being one of my faves.

8 - There is no 8. I should start working this morning!

7 - Street Fighter 2 Turbo
No real reason for choosing Turbo other than that's the one I own.

6 - Mario Kart

I wish it was longer...but it was the coolest racing game ever. Especially 2 player.

5 - Super Mario Wolrd

I talked with Paul about this one...this is just as good as SMB3. There's way less suits, but you get Yoshi! YAY!

4 - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Nuff said. I buy video game systems solely for Zelda.

3 - MegaMan X
Awww yeah...this is how a new system game should takes all the great elements from the original Mega Mans and then hyper upgrades can dash, you can have this wild power blaster's great. I never played the sequels but I heard they are good also.

2 - Chrono Trigger

I'll be honest. I was a Dragon Warrior fan...not a Final Fantasy fan so I never got into the FF series on SNES...(although FF7 was kickass). However, Chrono Trigger comes along and kicks all their asses collectively. Paul, you definitely have to give Chrono Cross (sequel) another chance. I played it and I feel that once you get the hang of it, it becomes 10 x the game Trigger ever was. It's amazing.

1 - Castlevania 4 - Hands down, best game. I lost a bet and had to give this game up for a year to one of my buddies. I never played SNES in that year until I got it back. However, I have not played Symphony of the Night, which I heard is better. Is that on PS?)

Posted by phduffy on Apr 22, 2004
How could I forget to mention the sweet Walker levels on Empire Strikes Back?

Samus had her bionic arm, but you didn't get it until later in the game...
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but you could jump in Metroid, correct?
Yeah, that's right. Therefore, Metroid != as cool as Bionic Commando.

I may have to try Chrono Cross again... it just seems that with RPGs today they spend all their time making the game look as pretty as possible, and making the magic system as complicated and confusing as possible. That's sort of what I got out of ChronoCross.
I understand you want to be different then the original, but should I really have to read the manual 6 times to figure out what the hell is going on witht he magic?
What was wrong with getting tails and bones and combining them?

Truth is, it's probably a moo point, because I don't own a PS1, so I probably won't be playing this anytime soon.

GBA for life baby!

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 22, 2004
Symphony of the Night is for PSX.

Metroid kicked serious ass.

Chrono Cross.... Okay, I've heard this is a fucking amazing game. I've tried to play it a few times. I actually got right into it once, despite it feeling slow after PS2 games, but my second CD had a flaw, and it couldn't get by this one CG sequence, so was like 1 year before I would get another copy , by then, had a hard time getting myself into it again. Which was a bitch, cause I really wanted to.

Here's the thing paul, I have a PSX collecting dust in my room. I have Chrono Cross. Blarg. My list is coming, I just can't pick an order to it.

Get it
Posted by Palmer on Apr 22, 2004
Paul, if I were you, I would pick up that offer for the PSX and Chrono Cross (sans flaws of course!).

I'm almost tempted to hit up the Pawn shop tonight to pick up a PS just to play the's THAT good!

Its late and I'm bored
Posted by Miguel on Apr 23, 2004
So time for another Miguelicious list! Of course, this list is not really up for discussion, as these are the games I had the most fun with.

10. Metal Marines

Pete, Schaus and I had our base pretty well defended, so when my mom calls us down for pizza (score!) we were cocky and complacent as the enemy island was devastated and we had an impenetrable wall of intercept missiles ready for anything they could throw at us. I showed some reservations, but Pete quickly assuaged my fears (We're invincible Miguel!). We come back from our pizza 20 minutes later to find our base in ruins, the enemy having built a nuclear ICBM which our missile batteries could not touch. We let the good people of island #234452 down in a military blunder the likes of which was not seen untill a cocky, overconfident George W. Bush invaded Iraq <---------TOPICAL POLITICAL HUMOUR!! Metal marines was an awesome game chockfull of jap goodness.

9. Ogre Battle

Incredibly hard and long.....I just realized how pornographic that sounded, I think I'll keep it. Anyways this was a great game in which you could be good and fight fair and all that, and you would get all the best characters to join your army of freakish 3 headed dogs and hawkmen; alternatively you could smoke everyone in your path indiscriminately and not give a damn about your reputation. For some reason, in Ogre Battle pumpkin men were by far the most dreaded enemies you could ever face. Come on! Their heads are a fucking pumpkin!

8. Metal Warriors

You can pilot 6 different mechs. You can pilot a weird spider mech who can climb walls. You can get out of your mech and steal any other mechs. Assholish enemies can also steal your mech if you go out and about. There is a sweet 2 player mode with split screen where you can rumble each other. This was one of the most under rated games ever, and just another reason why the SNES was the best system ever.

7.NBA Jam

BOOM SHAKALAKA. One of the funnest, most stupidest 2 player games ever made. Playing this game alone is like being an agoraphobic with a 12 inch cock....a sad waste. Pippen was somehow the greatest 3 point shooter ever, Charles Barkley was the greatest dunker in humanity....yes, .all was right in the world. And if you were on fire, brotha U WERE ON FIRE!!

6.Secret of Mana

I could go on about how this game is incredible because of the awesome menu interface or the multiplayer feature or how the munchkin violates all with the axe. But if you carefully notice the picture above, you can see that there is a naked woman there on a book, who was a rare enemy.


I applaud Square for finally allowing North American children to be exposed to badly pixelated representations of nude women....Japanese children get to see this all the time, and they always end up awesome!

5. Super Mario World

The music, the world, the gameplay, the graphics. I was helping my stepfather who was working at this one convenience store in georgetown when I first laid my eyes on the SNES, which the nice Korean owners had imported from the States....looking at Super Mario World was like staring at the face of God itself while a choir of angels sang so beautifully that the celestial spheres were aligned and manna started falling from the sky. I said it right then to myself: I don't care if I never get poon in my life, I am becoming an even bigger geek because this game could tide me over forever its so amazing.

I got bored after a few months but its a damn good game.

4. Super Mario Kart

Best racing game ever. Toad 4 Life. I wonder if racing go karts on a beach or a castle with lava pits could actually be this much fun? Probably.

3. FF3

An amnesiac ninja, a whiny mutant, a lusty thief, a frigid traitor, a dandy king, a bumrushing martial artist and a feral child. Final Fantasy 3 was incredible not because of its plot, which was amazing, or its incredible music or groundbreaking cinematics. was the cast that you grew to care about. My favorite was the Yeti you could pick up, a lonely, bitter creature that knew only hatred and solitude. I comforted it, and tried to outfit it in my finest items: the strongest armor, the ultima sword, the sassiest helmet. But that ungrateful bitch refused to wear even the most basic of he was out of the loop.

2. Castlevania 4

You could hang off a chandelier while the whole room rotated around you in the state of the art MODE 7 spinning graphics. You could use all manner of basically useless weapons. Most importantly you could twirl you whip around like it was nobody's business....twirling ever twirling.

1. Legend of Zelda

There will never be another Zelda as good as this. The comedic value of saying that Link was out hunting for faries just can never be replicated, I'm sorry but it's true and you know it.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 23, 2004
Stop using images from VGmuseum. They seem to block access from sites linking outside their domain. How that's done, I'm not quite sure, but it's being done.

My Turn
Posted by Nerhael on Apr 23, 2004
10. Lufia
Misc RPG. It was fun, was also the only RPG I'd ever played that half way through, you look at your characters, and they'll all level 99 already.
9. Metal Marines
I'm totally surprised Miguel remembered this, thought this would be my darkhorse entry. Damn you Miguel!!! But yes, in our youthful arrogance, we thought we had the level he talked about licked, so we went down to enjoy pancakes, not pizza, it was early morning, and were all like, damn, good pancakes, but maybe we should go check on things. "No, no, we're invincible. It'll be okay." We came back to a whole lot of wreckage indeed.
... Miguel.... I think that was possibly the single and only screenshot of that game in the entirety of the interweb.
8. Mario Kart
Pure fun. No more need be said.
If you don't know what the game looks like.... tough.
7. Ogre Battle
Fustrating game... But amazing. You didn't really control anything beyond where things were moving on a map, but still you got that feeling that you were kicking ass and taking names the whole way along. So many class/character types. Character/class leveling, and a plethora of misc monsters/creatures to join your army of good.... or evil. It was your choice. This reminds me that I have to track down OB64 to play that.
6. Zelda: Link to the Past
As far as adventure games go, this game kicks ass. Story...bleh, characters....bleh. Gameplay? Damn, fucking awesome. Freeze this, burn that, boomerang the shit out of it all.
5. Chrono Trigger
Amazing story. It was so involved I can't even remember half of it. I want to play this again. I might have to hook up the PSX before I lend it to Duffy. Go FROG!!!
4. Secret of Mana
Great game. Multiplayer was a bit clumsy, but the system was great, with lots of weapon and magic variation. The story was also pretty awesome. I also remember this game as having some pretty good SNES style music.
3. Super Metroid
Amazing game... of the best side scrolling action games I've ever played. I haven't played a metroid game I didn't enjoy. Though I haven't played the original or the newer GBA games.
2. Final Fantasy III
This was great. My main issue with it was that interest dropped after the breaking of the world. It was the first video game where I stopped in the middle of it, and took a week or so break from playing it. But the story, the characters were all awesome. Cyan's story and chasing his wife as they were ushered into the underworld was great.
1. Final Fantasy II
This was an awesome game, I think it was one of my top video games of all time, and so it only makes sense it's my favourite SNES game. Don't worry Schaus, we'll play through eventually and record the music of the dwarf kingdom to go with all the chocobo music
" />

I would like to give honourable mentions to:

Metal Warriors
Super Punch Out
Super Street Fighter 2 Alpha

Posted by phduffy on Apr 23, 2004
Interesting choices...
I was going to put Super Punch Out! in my list of disapointing games actually.

Not that the game was bad, but it's pretty much impossible to do a sequel to Punch Out! without being disapointing...

You guys really loved the Ogre Battle!

Miguel, have you played Ocarina of Time?
Cause I think that might be the best Zelda game of all time. It's a tough choice though.

Punch out
Posted by Nerhael on Apr 23, 2004
I didn't really feel like there was enough of a diff to really distinguish the two of them. Though I played way more SPO than PO.

Ogre Battle was great. Cept for the requirement of 2 hours of free time to do some of the later levels.

I have it on gamecube if you want to play it Miguel, I also have Master's Quest, which is the original version I think, supposedly much harder.

Posted by Miguel on Apr 23, 2004

First off, Pete did you fix something in my post? I ask because all the pics but the metal marine one were not working last night.

Second, I have played a bit of Ocarina of time...I just couldn't get deep into it, I think I get lost easily in a 3D world.

Also, The N64 Ogre Battle was a lot of fun as well, I had a blast finishing it during the summer. Highly Recommended.

And what game do you have for the gamecube? Ogre Battle?

Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 23, 2004
those are some hot lists boys..
you're making me happy...

if i can get some of this mountain of work done i will make my own..
Casino Rama for me tonight.. wish me luck..

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 23, 2004
Yes Miguel, I fixed. Heh, you did img src for the first image, then imgsrc together for all the rest, so fixed them when I saw it this morning.

I have Ocarina of TIme for it. And master's quest. I got them both with the new Zelda.

Win lots of monies at the Casino!!!

Posted by Palmer on Apr 26, 2004
ActRaiser...I thought this looked like the coolest game ever, but was very disappointed when I finally played it...I think it was because I swapped Castlevania 4 for it and never got to play C.Vania for an entire year so my hatred for Actraiser grew.