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Forum posts for Review of 13 Going On 30

For the children
Posted by phduffy on May 04, 2004
Ben Stiller's wife played Marcia Brady in the Brady Bun... What?
Oh, okay.

The movie begins with a 13 year old Jennifer Garner, and we soon see her stuffing kleenex into her bra.
Then her best friend (who is kind of chubby) talks to her, only to get put down and called Beaver when the popular girls show up!

Posted by phduffy on May 06, 2004
I saw Kill Bill 2.
It was excellent.
I was hoping we'd get a review by the person that reviewed the first one, but that doens't seem to be the case.

So let just say that it was great.

Posted by cosmicfish on May 07, 2004
some of you should watch shaun of the dead, it's a zomromcom: a zombie romantic comedy!!! why didn't anyone think of this before? i tired to watch it two nights ago why the bootleg dvd guy was by but we watched it in one of the staff bedrooms and everyone was beinning to hook up which was a bit distracting so i left. but what i saw of it looked good!! so many exclamation marks!

must be the tequilla and absinthe still in me veins from last night...

OH Yeah
Posted by phduffy on Oct 30, 2004
I saw Shaun of the Dead a couple of weeks ago.

It's the best zombie movie I've ever seen!

Of course, since I think most zombie movies suck, that's not really saying much.
Overall I'd say it was solid, but not a grandslam or anything. I'd give it... maybe a solid 7 out of 10.

Also, there's a part in the movie where Shaun's team runs into another team. Now, Shaun's team includes Dawn Tinsley from the Office. And the other team includes the dude that played Tim. And there's not reason to put him in this in a non speaking role except as a wink to the office... except, why wasn't he the opposite of Dawn? I just didn't make sense the way they did it.