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Forum posts for Sex

Posted by sarah on May 28, 2004
1. Maja Ivarsson - I'm so in love with her.

2. Joe Strummer - can't explain, I just love it.

3. Declan DeBarra

Posted by bryan on May 28, 2004
am i that out of touch? i havent heard one or three on your list, ever. this is good though, its giving me music to look for. joe strummer is an odd choice, i guess i can see it though...

Posted by sarah on May 28, 2004
you aren't out of touch. i work in a record store so i get exposed to all sorts of music.

maja is the lead singer of a swedish band called the sounds. she is often compared to debbie harry.

declan debarra is the lead singer of my most recent obsession - clann zu a band from australia but oddly enough the majority of the members are irish. they formed in '99 in melbourne from various musical backgrounds - punk, rock, folk, electronic & classical. the ensemble features violin and keys, along with a traditional four piece setup, creating 'beautiful dark melodies ranging from the intimate and sparse, to the huge and dramatic'. i strongly suggest you check them out. they have a new album coming out start of june. you can sample their music on their website

Posted by bryan on May 28, 2004
so thats your secret...

i shall check both out

thats my dream part time job.

Posted by phduffy on May 28, 2004
Barry White

And I can't think of any women that have a sexy voice.

I bought High Fidelity (along with UHF) Wed night.

what about....
Posted by alltogethernow on May 28, 2004
... Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits for dudes? or perhaps Beth Gibbons of portishead for women?

Posted by bryan on May 28, 2004
friday night shifts *are awesome*.

portishead girl is a good pick...

apparently clann zu is touring canada this summer, making stops at the underground in hamilton and c'est what in t.o.. i cant sample their music here due to *happy work policies*

Posted by sarah on May 28, 2004
friday night shifts suck, especially when you work at young and dundas. crack heads anyone?

clann zu are going to be in canada. and they lied to me. the lead singer emailed me saying they'd be playing at the horseshoe july 31, the day i come back from egypt. sadly this is not the case. so i cry, i won't get to see them. someone must go for me.

Posted by weberm1 on Jun 01, 2004
i would have to agree with Trev on the girl from Portishead.
And for the guys, Jeff Buckley. I just love his voice.

Clann Zu
Posted by Nerhael on Jun 01, 2004
Actually, I had planned on going to see them with Sarah, but now that she's unable to see them, I'm curious if anyone else would be interested in going with me?

clann zu
Posted by bryan on Jun 01, 2004
well i was going to see em in hamilton based solely on that stuff on their site, its pretty good

but it's always better to go to shows with people, so ill do the go train ride if your game pete.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 01, 2004
I'm working in oakville as of thursday, so might be easier for me to get to hamilton. When are they playing there? If it's during week, would be easier for me to go there perhaps.

Posted by bryan on Jun 01, 2004
they play on the thursday july 29th at the underground, and friday july 30th at c'est what

i can go either way, the beer at the underground is cheaper (3.00 domestic bottles through the week), while the beer at c'est what is tastier, unfortunately it also requires a mortgage to pay for...

ive never been to c'est what for live music, not sure what its like, but the underground is quite good. sound guy knows what he is doing. plus they usually have crazy anime, old kung fu or barbarella on the tube between bands.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 01, 2004
Underground on the thursday sounds good.

This is where, Hamilton?

your mission..
Posted by sarah on Jun 01, 2004
pete and/or bryan if you two go to the clann zu show you must kidnap the lead singer and keep him captive for 24 hours so that when i return on the 31st i can meet him! and slap him for lying to me. do not forget!

the underground...
Posted by bryan on Jun 01, 2004 most definitely in hamilton. its on catherine street, a block north of north of king st and a few streets east of the go station.

i will not kidnap. its against my new-found religion.

Posted by Hatful on Jun 02, 2004
i think that when thinking about sexy voices you've all forgotten about the sexiest voice.. and it's understandable.. but hello!!1! MORRISSEY!!!1!!
so yes.
Beth Gibbons' voice also makes me wet.
And Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.
Humm.. me and Trev have the same taste.. maybe we should do it...
But I also have to throw in Emiliana Torrini.
Her voice is really great. maybe too childlike to be really sexy though
Chan Marshall of Cat Power though, boy howdy.
Sorta husky, very sexy. I almost touch myself when I listen to 'Schizophrenia's Weighted Me Down'. and i'm a homo.
so my top two would have to be
Chan Marshall and Morrissey.

Posted by phduffy on Jun 03, 2004

Like, from the Smiths?

As in, I gargle with Sandpaper and acid Morrissey?

Posted by sarah on Jun 03, 2004
oh phduffy you're the man.

i don't know if i would go as far as you did, but i don't really think morrissey's voice is that sexy. in fact i don't know if i would really call it sexy at all.

Posted by Hatful on Jun 03, 2004
duffy is a dumbass..
to each their own.
i don't think that his voice is quite like acid and sandpaper..
but i will admit that i am biased ..
he's a clever clever songwriter.
very witty, very talented, and plays with the english language exquisitely.
so that colours my opinion about mostly everything about him.

Posted by bryan on Jun 03, 2004
Morrisey has a sexy voice. its that british dude thing. bowie, morrisey, jarvis cocker

almost enough to make me ask sean out on a date.


have you heard the new morrisey album? ive only heard one that an ex-girlfriend has, i dont know the name, but it was good

well actually,
Posted by Hatful on Jun 04, 2004
the brits do have that sex thing in their voice.
listening ti bowie and cocker certainly also makes me want to do naughty things...
to be honest i haen't so much gotten into morrissey solo.
partially this is laziness on my part, and partially that i think not having johnny marr's guitar and music would make me sad.
and i would go on a date with you.
i mean seems the next logical step.. i did touch your bum on new years eve afterall right?
then you force fed me sangria. and i puked.
buy me dinner!!!

Posted by bryan on Jun 04, 2004
if i dated everyone whose ass jess made me touch, id be the town bicycle

i also dont remember ever force feeding anyone sangria. You ended up puking that night? I passed out on the go train on the way home, that was funny.

no dinner.

Posted by Hatful on Jun 06, 2004
well screw you then.
i will eat alone.