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Forum posts for blaskra

Is it bad
Posted by Beth on Jul 08, 2004
what if you sit at your desk all day long and all you can think is that you hate your job more than anything?

i need to get out of this place. its starting to affect my mentality... and i feel like everyday i am here i am getting more stupid.


I will go to California with you Katie!

Hate your job?
Posted by Nerhael on Jul 08, 2004
Are you actively searching for new work? Is there anything keeping you at this place?

The plan
Posted by Beth on Jul 08, 2004
Well, since this decision has just come to a head this week.... so bad that I don't want to get out of bed in the morning.
I have been looking at jobs online.. and I have already decided to spend a great deal of my weekend fixing up the resume and sending stuff out.

No, there is nothing holding me here.

Anyone know of any cool jobs out there?

Cool Jobs
Posted by phduffy on Jul 08, 2004
I think a cool job would be being the General Manager of a baseball team, like the Blue Jays. That's sort of my cool, will never happen dream job.
I think just about any job in Paris would be a cool job.
I think a job where you got to travel and stuff would be cool.

Working in the marketing department for a beer company would be a cool job.

Posted by phduffy on Jul 08, 2004
I think that working at alltogethernow's school would be a cool job.

Um... I think that being an actor would be cool, although I suspect it's harder than it looks.

Posted by Beth on Jul 08, 2004
Thanks for the insight Paul. I know I can always count on you for that.

Posted by cosmicfish on Jul 08, 2004

all you have to do is learn mandrin...

A Noble Effort Cosmicfish
Posted by Miguel on Jul 08, 2004

But you could not have picked a worse job for Beth. She hates videogames with a passion, it would be like offering Phduffy a job as a fashion consultant or relationship expert.

Posted by Beth on Jul 08, 2004
I would like to state for the record, I do not hate video games with a passion. I just dont understand the enjoyment that you all have for taking over a virtual fantasy land. I have played my fair share of games that I love such as Vice City, James Bond, Mario Kart, and Super Mario Brothers.
I also have embarked on the journey to find the ultimate girly video game... I have a few suggestions from a friend that works at EB that I will let you know what I think of after I have tested them out.

But you are right, probably not the job for me.... BUT I do think that looks like a cool job.

in all seriousness
Posted by phduffy on Jul 08, 2004
Check out this site:

For jobs info. They focus more on technical jobs, but there are some good non technical ones. And the site doesn't look that great, but it's worth a look.

Beer company
Posted by kristian on Jul 08, 2004
I worked in the research department at Labatt's. And yes, it was as awesome as you think it might be.

I think the BEST jobs are those Thristy Travellers, or Ian on the Lonely Planet, or the chick who goes to different spas around the world and write reviews. Seriously, getting paid to go to a spa? Even the worst spa has got to be better than the best day at Beth's desk (or mine, for that matter)!