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Forum posts for Attempt 2 of drowning Mike

Posted by weberm1 on Jul 19, 2004
That sounds like a fantastic time. Alas, i cannot make it as i am in a wedding. (who the hell gets married on a long weekend?)

Posted by cosmicfish on Jul 19, 2004
i will be there with bells on

Long-weekend weddings
Posted by Nerhael on Jul 20, 2004
Based on how many times I've heard people say that...I believe many people do it.

as long as..
Posted by krys on Jul 20, 2004
i am not in the canoe with either mike or gord i am in.
they just make things a little bit more unsafe, especially with mike being a gimp.. hehe..

but i am in. it was good times the last time, except for the sleeping.. who knew that sand was sooooo uncomfortable?

and yes, the high school reunion is between 2 and 5.. there is actually a hanvoer homecoming website.. with details of events and stuff.. if anyone is really THAT interested..

enjoy. see everyone soon..

I will be there
Posted by Miguel on Jul 20, 2004
Prepare to party like its 1904!!!

WOOOOOO! Religious Fundamentalist Farmer STYLEEEEEZZZZZZ

Posted by phduffy on Jul 20, 2004
The High School Reunion is at my fucking house.

BBQ, beer, etc. Followed by the dance.

Posted by krys on Jul 20, 2004
there is an actual high school reunion at the high school..

Posted by Miguel on Jul 20, 2004
But you can drink beer at Duffy's! And the people at his party will be so so fresh.

I will be there to remember the good times and horrible hair I had.

Also, to laugh at Vessey.

Posted by phduffy on Jul 20, 2004
Well someone should go to the reunion at the school and tell everyone to come to my house.

Or maybe put up a sign.

Also, it's Vessie.

good idea...
Posted by krys on Jul 20, 2004
putting up a sign, and gathering everyone to your place sounds fantastic....

question: which dance are we going to... the one at the coliseum? or at that heritage square?

Posted by phduffy on Jul 20, 2004
about the Street dance baby!

Buy your tickets now!

Posted by krys on Jul 20, 2004
the street dance sounds like a great idea..

i am not much a ticket in advance type of person.. hehe..

i think we snuck into the last street dance.. got bracelets from someone who was leaving.. remember?

but what about canoeing?!?!

Posted by phduffy on Jul 20, 2004
have never been to a street dance, so I wasn't part of the sneeking in process.

me me me
Posted by sarah on Jul 23, 2004
CAN I COME?!!!! i'll be home...from egypt!!!!! but i must say that if you think we got ate alive by bugs on that weekend you haven't seen ANYTHING! my legs have scars from bug bites...stupid egyptian bugs.

I heart canoeing
Posted by Katie on Jul 23, 2004
I'm pretty sure that you can count Miguel and I in for the canoe ride.

Posted by mike on Jul 23, 2004
I can't drown if I am not there. So i will go.
It will give me an excellent opportunity to shake off the gimpyness, and ideally provide hilarity.

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 24, 2004
I'm in. Been in since the start, I thought that was assumed.

wedding on the long weekend
Posted by Ophelia on Jul 25, 2004 answer your question as to 'who gets married on a long weekend?'...well, that would be me!

I think
Posted by phduffy on Jul 25, 2004
We should do it.
Do it
Do it.

About damn time
Posted by fanoom on Jul 26, 2004
Well suckasses, it seems that there is actually interest, I just wish there was this much interest BEFORE I went home last weekend so I could have done all this work you've given me in person. I believe I've found possibly four canoes thus far, but we're in need of more since I'm figuring on 14 of us going thus far. So I ask you all this, if you own a canoe or know someone who owns a canoe see if you can't get possession of it for the sunday, we'll pick it up and drop it off.... and try not to sink it in the saugeen (it has happened before, many times according to my father). But if we cannot find enough canoes, which I'll know for sure later in the week we can always try and rent a few from thorncrest. Of course if you're interested in renting a kayak you could always do that too, the website is

call them, warn me that you don't need a canoe etc. Anyways, the more feedback I get the EASIER it will be on me. So give me some fucking feedback before fucking thursday.

Love Brandon.

PS sorry for the harsh words, just trying to motivate. I'll kill you all.

Posted by crux on Jul 26, 2004
I'd like to say I'm going to be there and in for the trip for sure, but at this time the weekend plans are unclear. I'm not sure if/when I'll be making it to Hanover. If anyone has any information about possibly empty seats in cars and their time and place of departure please let me know.

rides etc
Posted by fanoom on Jul 27, 2004
Why don't you talk to schaus, there is a bunch of you girls coming home late on the saturday, why not go and rent a car again...of course can any of you actually rent a car?

This guy is leaving late on friday night and would be more than happy to drive people home as long as they make it to KW before hand.

Posted by phduffy on Jul 27, 2004
I am leaving Square One at 7 on Friday.