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Forum posts for Review of 4 GBA Strategy Games

Posted by alltogethernow on Jul 21, 2004
nicely done...
now i want to try them all

i would have to say ff tactics is a little bit better than you made it out to be...
i had a lot of fun.. but after playing 48!!!!!! hours of it i got a little fed up... so gimmie one of those other ones.. asap

Fire Emblem
Posted by Nerhael on Jul 22, 2004
I got Advance Wars 2 with my GBA, and I've enjoyed it, though I have no real resolve to finish it, as there is virtually no story to it to keep me going.

I'm hoping that Fire Emblem turns out to be good, and am looking forward to the release of the GameCube one.

Advance Wars
Posted by phduffy on Jul 22, 2004
Keep in mind that although they're by the same team, the gameplay is different in Advance Wars and Fire Emblem.

In Advance wars you control teams of weapons, while in Fire Emblem you're in charge of a group of characters.

Yeah but
Posted by Nerhael on Jul 22, 2004
That's what I don't really like about AW2. You're units almost never change, so it get's a bit boring.

Posted by Miguel on Jul 23, 2004