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Forum posts for The Years of Rice and Salt

George R. R. Martin
Posted by Nerhael on Jul 29, 2004
The Song of Fire and Ice series is written exactly like that. Each chapter is named with a character. That's whose point of view we enjoy for that chapter.

I kind of like that, in that it allows you to trust the narrators more, and to be given all viewpoints.

Posted by phduffy on Jul 29, 2004
George RR Martin has done it well, as did Dan Simmons in Hyperion. They are also two of the best, if not the best, genre authors alive today.

And even in George RR Martin it begins to suck. Oh great, another chapter about the stupid whiney princess, how interesting. So I wouldn't say we enjoy that characters point of view.

Song of Ice and Fire is also much more of a sprawling epic than most stories. Writing it using only one character probably would't work, as its a story that takes place over many continents and has so many different players.

I think I was thinking of novels by Lois Bujold, which are great, but which only contain the one narative, and are therefore a much quicker read.