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Forum posts for Dead Air

Posted by Nerhael on Oct 28, 2004
So as Iain Banks, he's only written the 3 books?

Which of the 3 would you say is the best then? I've only read his SF stuff so far, and it is amazing. Just absolutely amazing. Reading Excession right now and at times, just blows my mind how he works things together.

Some of the 'machine speak' between the GSV's get's a bit much at times, but it's interesting.

Posted by phduffy on Oct 28, 2004
I think he's written 12 books as Iain Banks, i've only read 3 of them.
I think Excession is probably the weakest of the Culture books, just because the main characters are all super powerfull sentient computers, and that's hard to identify with.

Apparently as many of three of the books he's written as Iain Banks could be called sf, but more of the Phillip K Dick type then his regular stuff.

I'd say that the Wasp Factory was the most interesting, assuming you're not put put off by extreme grossness and terrible characters.

wasp factory
Posted by alltogethernow on Oct 28, 2004
this was a really interesting book ....

now i don't know about everyone else but i was just a toned-down version of the main character when i was a kid.. not when i was 16 yrs old.. but between 10 and 14 ... i was almost the same....

having 'wars'... burning and killing almost anything that could be burned or killed..

again i didn't make pipe bombs .. but seth's parents always brought a large supply of fireworks back from the states anytime they went..

me and seth often shot at just about anything that moved with his various pellet/BB guns and his (i still can't believe we had this) crossbow....

i can also remember having strange little rituals.. again not on par with the main character..

i think this book shows what could happen to a youth, like me or seth, could become with a lack of proper socialization .... and a crazy father.... a fucked up family etc.. and a naturally bent brain contributed as well...

maybe not the best book in the world.... but really REALLY interesting...

i really want to read his SF should i start anywhere in particular... or just go at random? suggestions?

His SF
Posted by phduffy on Oct 28, 2004
DO NOT start with Excessions.

The first three books he published were Consider Phelebas, The Player of Games and Use of Weapons, and I think those are a good place to start, and they also increase in quality with the published order.

Feersum Enjin, Against a Dark Background and State of the Art are non Culture books and can be read in any order, although I would not start wtih Feersum Enjin, as every 4th chapter is written phonetically, and that may annoy you. (Feersum Enjin = Fearsome Engine).

You could read Look to Windward and Inversions in any order, but I think they'd be improved with a knowledge of the culture. And his new book the Algebraist is a non-culture book and doens't need to be read in any order.

So, choose from:
Against a Dark Background, State of the Art, The Algebraist, Consider Phelebas, The Player of Games and Use of Weapons.

Move onto:
Excessions, Inversions, Look to Windward

Optional: Feersum Enjin.

Although, I don't think I'd start wtih State of the Art, that's just a collection of short stories. I'm not sure about Against a Dark BAckground either.

2 books
Posted by Nerhael on Oct 28, 2004
I have Player of Games and Consider Phelebas at my place. The former is the one I started with, and it was just amazing. The latter I read next, and it read like a game of Shadow Run in space. Was pretty cool, but enjoyed plot of Player of Games more.

The Algebraist
Posted by phduffy on Dec 05, 2004
is his new book.

I just read it, and don't feel like posting a review of it.

I will say that it was good though.