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A selection
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 03, 2004
Donnie Darko - That bunny gave me the creeps more than any figure in movie or TV.

Alien - The original, and it's amazing. Atmosphere in it is the awesomeness.

Rosemary's Baby - Isn't quite like the others, but definitely a creepy movie. Ending surprised me.

Dead Alive - I'm not sure how scary this was...but I remember it being fun.

Flatliners - Bunch of medical students go clinically dead to experience it. Fun ensues. I remember enjoying this as a scary movie.

Um...bleh, misc ones
Event Horizon

Posted by phduffy on Nov 03, 2004
I didn't realize Donnie Darko was a horror movie. Same with Alien, figured it was sort of suspense. Which I guess is horror.

I've seen Rosemary's baby... actually, I think I saw it with you.
I remember the ending being surprising, but I have two different endings that I kind of remember, and can't remember which is the real one.

One thing I learned from Candyman... if you turn out the lights, say Candyman 5 times, and touch a girls boob, everyone wins.

So far I was thinking Event Horizon, but I think maybe I'll go with your suggestions.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 03, 2004
Well, yeah, guess it depends on what your definitions are.

To me, a horror movie is a scary movie with totally 'out there' elements. Like Nightmare on Elm Street, with boogiemen etc. Same goes for Alien.

Now, i consider a 'thriller' to be a scary movie without the 'out there' elements, this would contain Pyscho and movies of that nature. Where the bogeyman is just a man.

I suppose in the true sense, Donnie Darko doesn't belong, as that's not it's intent. But that bunny is still one of the scariest things I've ever seen.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 04, 2004
I've never thought of it like that before.

I've never made the distinction between a scary movie and a horror movie, I figured they were the same thing.

Before Saw, there was a preview for the movie Boogieman. And while I"m sure it'll be pretty stupid, it reminded me of the Boogieman from the Ghostbusters cartoon, and he was one scary mother f***a

Posted by Mona on Nov 04, 2004
Exorcist ... a classic
Carrie .. ONLY the original
Psycho ... again, only the original
Night of the Living Dead ...

(I taught grade 11 English and Mr. Iserman 'created' th curriculum.
It was all about 'the unknown' ... so we did horror movies. Horror,
definitely different than scarey. From the list above, only #3 doesn't have the 'out there' elements.)

Posted by kristian on Nov 05, 2004
Poltergiest is my favorite scary movie of all time (the first one). And the scariest part is that all the actors in the movie had weird/bad things happen to them (though maybe it is all an urban myth). And it has that creepy midget lady in it. And Coach.

And I liked The Ring, and I thought other people did too, but now I hear that it was dumb. Screw them, I was scared.