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Forum posts for The DaVinci Code

i'm bothered...
Posted by Ophelia on Nov 11, 2004
by your F'n language
...I feel I need to go to confession after reading some of your postings...
...tisk tisk...

Posted by phduffy on Nov 11, 2004
I did apologize for my language.

A-f'in men
Posted by Miguel on Nov 12, 2004

I read about 35 pages of the book and I said to myself

"This is a bad Michael Crichton novel with crazy religious conspiracies pretending to be researched facts."

And then I stopped reading.

everyone read the curious case of the dog in the nighttime, excellent book.

what's with the albino?!
Posted by rockfaerie on Feb 01, 2005
i'm currently reading it... or trying to anyways, i keep getting distracted and putting it down, which i guess isn't necessarily a good thing... i suggest wicked by gregory maguire... very good, and not a fluffy chick book!!! lol

Posted by vivian on Feb 01, 2005
i didn't know that 'symbology' was a real word

and like miguel, i stopped reading after 30 or so pages

and for the love of god
would everyone and their mother please stop talking about dan brown?
[i swear, if seth hears 'have you read the da vinci code?' one more time, he is gonna crack]

hey seth
Posted by rockfaerie on Feb 01, 2005
so seth... have you read the da vinci code?????!!!!!! hahahahaha