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Forum posts for chocolate covered cherries

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 05, 2005
i would have to say that my favourite is Take on Me by Reel Big Fish. I loved it in the 80's when ah ha did it, and it's even better with trumpets.

Posted by mike on Jan 05, 2005
Rusty Cage.

and lots more...

Johnny Cash was/is awesome. It's saddening that he won't be able to do any more.

I don't follow music very closely, so I can't offer anything too contemprary.

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 05, 2005

No Doubt - It's my life
Marilyn Manson - My own personal jesus
Gary Jules - Mad world
Failure - Enjoy the silence
Tori Amos - Hurt

That's all I could think off for now... was both a help, and also a place to stop and say...'Where do I start?'

Posted by Miguel on Jan 05, 2005

Ben Folds Five covering "get your hands off my woman" by The Darkness is good.

And I have a soft spot in my cockles for anything by Me First and The Gimme Gimme's, most pecifically their John Denver "Country Roads" cover.

Also Travis's cover of Britney's "Hit Me Baby one more Time"

Posted by jessie on Jan 05, 2005
you only live twice - bjork
common people - william shatner

Posted by bryan on Jan 05, 2005
ball of confusion - love and rockets
common people, until joe jackson ruins it.

the covers record by cat power is quite good, I've only heard it once at a social gathering, so it's time to hop on soulseek.

lets see
Posted by Polfuss on Jan 05, 2005
Machine head - Message in a bottle
Throwdown - Baby Got Back
Atreyu - You Give love a Bad Name

Wu Tang Forever!!!!!!!!!?
Posted by James H> on Jan 08, 2005
My picks would be:

Mindless Self Indulgence - Bring The Pain
System Of A Down - Shame On a Nigga
Pitchshifter - Making Plans For Nigel
Sevendust - School's Out

Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt is up there too in my book.

Other noteworthy covers:

Devo - Head Like A Hole
Helmet - Army Of Me
Dillinger Escape Plan - Come To Daddy

Posted by phduffy on Jan 09, 2005
What amazes me, is that not only have I not heard of most of the bands that are covering these songs, I'd say that in about half of the cases I haven't even the original song being covered!

Paul "Oh yeah, I'm into music" D