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Forum posts for Anger Insues

Posted by mike on Jan 06, 2005
I feel truly priveledged that the US doesn't roll up here and crush all us unsupportive Canadians. It might interfere with my dogsledding.

ann coulter
Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 06, 2005
is a fucking dumb bitch..
in fact i think that she is the biggest fucking dumb bitch in history.. (yes more so that kyles mom)
in fact i think that she is SUCH a fucking dumb bitch that she may have perfected it to a level that is beyond human capacity..
which in turn leads me to believe she is a fucking dumb bitch robot sent back in time to be a FUCKING DUMB BITCH..

yeah.. well.. whore

Posted by bryan on Jan 06, 2005
and furthermore, i would love to shove that bowtie up that shit eating weasel tucker carlson's ass. Not in the fun, "we have a safe word" ass shoving way . I'd do it in the sadistic, "i hope this hurts and you don't like it kinky" way.

Tucker Carlson
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 07, 2005
Heard Crossfire was cancelled yesterday.

Via The Daily Show. Was nice. He kinda gloated about it.