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Forum posts for Review of House of Flying Daggers

Posted by phduffy on Jan 26, 2005
I'm going to submit this to the newsletter here at WCRI as my work duty

If you have any suggestions, let me know. (Not so much ify ou disagree with my review, although you should post that too. but style/format issues).

2 quick points
Posted by pudding on Jan 27, 2005
Good review.

"collasal boredom. I wonder is Zhang"

1. colossal
2. I think the "is" should be "if"

I believe Miguel gave this movie a great review (#2 on his top ten of 2004?) I'll have to watch it and see.

Posted by sarah on Jan 27, 2005
one of the deputies is from the transporter, i don't know his real name...but i like him. and i liked this movie. i got a copy of it for christmas and i think it is a bad copy, the sound is crap.

did you see it on the big screen paul? how was the sound? maybe i should see a different version than the one i got. hrmm..

and on a completely random side note: if you have a paper due in class and the prof does not show up that this mean that paper isn't due until your next class OR should you take the paper to the department and hand it in?

i forgot...
Posted by sarah on Jan 27, 2005
i read a review of this movie and they ( i don't know who, some asian critic) gave it a big thumbs down. they stated that because all the actors in it are big “hollywood” type names and thus the equivalent of keanu reeves doing a shakespearean type role?

nonetheless, i enjoyed it and would recommend it!

Posted by phduffy on Jan 27, 2005
Pudding, you're correct on both counts, thank you.

Sarah, I would take the paper to the department. just in case.

I saw it on the Big Screen. The Princess is an independent theatre, but they have decent sound and stadium style seating.

The sounds was fine. I didn't notice any issues with it, so maybe it's your copy?

I wouldn't have a problem with Keanu Reeves doing Shakespeare if he could do it well. (Although I'm not sure that he could... on the other hand, he did do Hamlet).

That seems like a stupid reason not to like a movie. If you don't like it because the actors don't have the skill for it, that' s fine, but not liking it just because of who the actors are?

I was messing around imdb last night, and some people think that Andy Lau is the Tom Cruise of Asian cinema.
And the guy that plays Jin seems to be respected, although I guess he was some kind of teen idol when he was young.

i agree!
Posted by sarah on Jan 28, 2005
if the actor can play the part well that it shouldn't matter what else they have done.

and thanks for the paper advice, i emailed my prof and she said that she won't dock late marks but i took it to the department anyway so i didn't have to worry about it.