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Forum posts for Possible Summer Time Fun

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 08, 2005
I'm totally game, I think late July might be best? I think I'm fairly flexible though.

Oh yeah
Posted by pudding on Feb 08, 2005
I'm in too. Let me know so I can book off holidays.
Any time is good/

Well, I only get 3 weeks vacation...
Posted by mike on Feb 08, 2005
Yes, yes, and... oh yeah... fucking yes.

I would like to get this set up as soon as is reasonably possible. I don't want some dumkoff taking the time off that I want at work.

The unfotunate part is that i found out quite a while ago that i am not especially good at organizing events involving multiple persons. Please let me know when and how much money to set aside.


Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 08, 2005
i am totally down with that... the end of july i am supposed to go to las vegas...
if it doesn't conflict with that ....

And even if i am NOT going.. i will fully plan this thing if you want..

shit i do that stuff for a living..

might as well use my expertise...

Posted by fanoom on Feb 08, 2005
The number one thing I need to know is if you guys want to rent a cottage, or camp, and for how long. A week rental for a cottage on the lake is about 1600 bucks... camping isn't even worth mentioning cause it's nothing. Also, that 1600 bucks is for sleeping space for 8, I'm not sure if the cottages have rules against camping on the lawn....

Posted by Polfuss on Feb 08, 2005
I'm in I only need to know the week , the end of July sounds ok though

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 09, 2005
1600 seems a little steep... Does sleeping space for 8 mean there are 4 double beds? Or is that supposed to include floor space?

Don't know.
Posted by phduffy on Feb 09, 2005
I'd probably be in, but I don't know what my summer schedule is right now, in terms of handing in my major paper and midterms and stuff, so I can't committ right now.

Posted by fanoom on Feb 09, 2005
Four rooms, I'll let Trevor handle it. He seems capable most of the time. The big thing we need is definate numbers, none of this well I could be available bull shit. Make a fucking commitment people! FYI my laptop died on me last night, so I sent it away to get fixed today, so in the future when buying a big ticket item from a big box store ALWAYS GET THE PSP, my fingers are crossed in hopes that it can't be repaired and they have to give me a new one.

Posted by noodle on Feb 10, 2005
karlene and i were actually just talking about seeing if everyone would be into something like this....brandon you filth dare you steal our idea...but we're in too....are you wanting to go to cyprus lake for sure or are you open to any place?

Fair enough
Posted by phduffy on Feb 10, 2005
Okay, I'm out then.

Unfair enough?
Posted by pudding on Feb 11, 2005
Paul: I know you don't want to get someone's hopes up or screw up a midterm/project, but why not find out when your stuff is due (I am pretty sure the profs can give you a fair indication) before you decide to be "out". It would give you a good incentive to get stuff done early too. :)

regardless, count me in.