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Forum posts for what?

Posted by jessie on Feb 18, 2005
completely impossible unless you have hours to waste - or are very smart/lucky!

although, for "happy" is replies "not anymore it ain't" - which frustrates me further (to think i have figured out a previous secret word, but no this one...grrr...)

I'm with laura, are there any heros out there???

Posted by mike on Feb 19, 2005
It wasn't "secret" or "word".

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 19, 2005
That's about the most retarded thing I've ever seen...


Posted by crux on Feb 19, 2005

Posted by rockfaerie on Feb 20, 2005
my guesses consisted of: poop, chicken, novocaine, word.... then i gave up.

i definately do not suggest those with even the slightest hint of ADD give this a shot!!

Posted by vivian on Feb 21, 2005
read this entire thread carefully.

who knew?
Posted by weberm1 on Feb 21, 2005
Seth, you are my hero!

Posted by crux on Feb 22, 2005
more of an antihero. i cheat, but to the benefit of my friends.

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 22, 2005
- you must design and wear an antihero costume for all antihero activities

Posted by mike on Feb 23, 2005
Wouldn't an anti-hero need an anti-costume? Running around naked might do the trick.